Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And then, there are miracles...

Today is the one year anniversary of my stage II-b cancer diagnosis. The day after tomorrow I will go in for my very last chemo infusion.

Despite that auspicious ending I am still immersed in the treatment phase, with another segment to begin in about 5 weeks -- when they will begin chemically shutting down my ovaries every month and start giving me an estrogen suppressing drug, Armidex, a process replete with its own set of side effects. Assuming I tolerate it well, I will take that drug for many, many years to come.

Not to be a party-pooper, but it's hard to feel like celebrating and I have felt of late either chaotic or despondent....with occasional breaks of anger and numbness. But then this morning I came across this:


It's a wonderful piece in The New York Times by a woman who has not just survived, but thrived for 17 years with Stage IV breast cancer. She posts yearly at the BreastCancer.Org message board on the anniversary of her diagnosis to let her other Stage IV sisters know that she is still here.

It goes to show you, as she said, you just don't know.


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

What a wonderful story and you are almost at the finish line.

WhiteStone said...

Thanks for the link to that great article. Even tho my cancer is not breast cancer, I still need to hear about people who break the statistics. We all do.

Jean said...

Keep going K, you have us all cheering you on from the sidelines. Much love to you, and thank you so much for your message about my Dad x

Lesa said...

I am always thinking and praying for you. You are very brave.

kiltsnquilts said...

My Mum had an ulcerated breast lump (had it for years before seeking treatment - long story!) and had chemo, radiotherapy and arimidex. Lump couldn't be removed as it was attached to her chest wall, secondaries on her lung. 7 years later she is thriving! Still on the arimidex.

Keep on keeping on and believe that you can and will beat this.

La Belette Rouge said...

Do you get tired of hearing how you amaze me? Well you do.
Love and hugs.