Saturday, November 29, 2008


Monday is day one of the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge as suggested by the ever gorgeous Jane of the blog Work That Wardrobe. We are allowed 10 wardrobe pieces, 5 accessories, plus unlimited hosiery & undergarments...additionally we can use one coat that won't count towards the wardrobe pieces (more than that & you'd have to count it).

To that end, this is the coat I shall be donning all week. It's a gray satin trench from Target and I originally bought it because I thought it would go from casual to dressy & back again, plus it's a great medium weight so it can be worn pretty much the entire coat-wearing season, barring sub-zero temps or unusually balmy days. I removed the belt it came with and used instead a wide black belt that is one of my accessories for the week. I thought it gave the simple coat a little more interest.

Also in the picture is my black bag from Target -- this is the purse I'll be carrying for the week, tho it might not end up in the photos. I love this bag, it has lots of compartments to help me stay organized. I placed a pin on it that will be yet another one of my accessories for the week, along with the blue scarf I'm wearing around my neck.

And finally, the Unisa espresso colored boots, which are one of my 10 wardrobe pieces for the Challenge. My entire chosen list is as follows:


Sheath dress, beige/brown
Skirt, black & white print
Jeans, dark wash
Blouse, navy satin
Blouse, green pin tuck w/removable tie
Vest, plum argyle sweater
Cardigan, black, blue & plum striped
Camisole, black w/lace trim
Boots, dark espresso
Shoes, brown Maryjane's


Pin, faux pearl & silver
Belt, black wide buckle
Scarf, shades of blue
Necklace, green wooden beads
Purse, black shoulder bag

(Aside from my undergarments I also will wear plum & navy tights. )

So again, do check out Janes blog, WorkThatWardrobe to find out more about the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge -- there are going to be lots of other wonderful participants in this so it should be alot of fun! Stay tuned :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Butterfly Award!

As I mentioned here late on Wednesday, I got a second award from the adorable Lady D of Africana's Wardrobe Diary. So flattering, as she is quite stylish. She received the award from Andrea of the blog A Cat of Impossible Color. Lady D bestowed the lovely butterfly upon me, and gave it back to Andrea as well as these 5 other wonderful blogs: Ephemera, Fickle Brown Sparrow, Penny Pinching Princess, Fab Finds Under 50 & Udarata Kellar. Congratulations to all!

I now happily will pass on this pretty award to the following seven stellar bloggers:

Work That Wardrobe

Style Klutz

Domestic Sophisticate

What I Wore Today

Of A Certain Age

Some Girls Wander

Already Pretty

You all deserve this for your creativity, wisdom, wit & beauty!!!! Thank you for inspiring me every day -- you really are sooooo cool :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gratitude Is Always In Style

Today is the American holiday of Thanksgiving. This day has at its heart a universal theme that can speak to anyone – that of expressing gratitude for blessings. So I thought I’d list some things I’m thankful for as it relates to this blog – mostly in terms of style and my wardrobe.

(Of course all this is TOTALLY secondary to the biggest blessings in my life – my husband and two wonderful children. Their health & well-being are what I’m grateful for every minute of every day. Everything else is really the icing on the cake.)

Ok, on to the style related gratitudes!

I’m grateful for…..

…the convenience of shopping in any store I choose since losing weight, and almost always being able to find my size. If I could also have a wish related to this particular blessing, it would be that all women, no matter their size, were able to easily find clothing that fits & flatters them.

…this blog. And I hope in some small way when I happen to hit it right that it contributes towards showing that a woman of my size, age & vocation can develop style by keeping an open mind and positive attitude. Simply put: we all deserve to like the way we look.

…for seeing the not so stellar outfits I’ve worn – I learn from my “mistakes”…hopefully leading me little by little to develop a more cohesive signature style that creatively expresses who I am. It’s a process and I’m enjoying the journey along with all the layers of life lessons it reveals along the way.

…the other bloggers I’ve had the HUGE privilege of reading and sharing ideas with. I enjoy you all so much. The creativity, beauty and inspiration abound amongst the talented & lovely women I’ve “met”, and I look forward to learning more from all of you!

…my new blog awards! It’s so nice to be thought of, and especially from those you admire.

May each of you have an abundance of blessings to be grateful for this day, and every day. Thanks for making this blog such a pleasure to work on :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My First (and now second) Blog Award!!!

I'm flattered & thrilled to recieve my very first award! The lovely women of Domestic Sophisticate are the gracious bestowers, having originally recieved it themselves from Lisa of the blog, A Diva and a Princess. I share the award with my stylish sister bloggers at Style Klutz, Always Dreaming, Wishful Closet & My Daily Fashion. Thanks again, Nic & Missi -- you two rock!

I would like to pass the award on to the following wonderful blogs that I really admire: What That Girl Wears , Happiness, Health, and Looking Fab!, Ephemera, Everyday Wear & Africana 's Wardrobe Diary -- all of you deserve it for posting such inspirational thoughts, photos & outfits...Your blogs really are fabulous :)

UPDATE: The lovely and gracious Lady D from Africana's Wardrobe Diary also gave me an award!!! Wow, just how cool is that? I feel so flattered & blessed -- putting me in the perfect pre-thanksgiving spirit :)

Not to mention the award itself is lovely, isn't it? And I adore butterflies, so symbolic of transformation...something I've experienced in many ways.

(I need to choose seven blogs to pass this along to, which I'll do ASAP but probably after the holiday.)

Thank you sooooo much -- really this all made my week!!!

True Blue

Ok, I'll come clean -- this photo was actually taken yesterday. It is raining here today, as predicted, so I'm glad we had the spare pic. I was trying on two new pieces to see what the camera thought of them.

I like the sweater from NY&Co, but perhaps because of the peplum detail I'm not sure these pants with their slightly wider leg were the best choice to pair it with. Maybe my good old dark wash, bootcut Ralph Lauren jeans would have been better -- a little less width in the pant may have made ME look less wide, lol.

Mind you, it's not terrible, and I'd actually even consider wearing this outfit again -- I just wouldn't call it great.

I bought the black BandolinoBlu pants months ago but for some reason haven't worn them. Despite not being hugely thrilled with how they pair with this sweater, I really do like them -- I think they are flattering over all and quite comfy.

So, I do like these pieces individually and they get to stay :)

I'm also wearing a vintage twisted wooden bead necklace, mine since highschool. The black Merona Kenna boots are from Target.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not So Skinny Jeans

The title of this post is not meant to be disparaging about my body in the least -- in fact I'm quite happy with the way I look, and with my present weight, (especially considering it's 130 lbs less than it once was before). But I am NOT skinny by definition, simple as that.

Rather than being self-deprecating, I chose the title to make a point about style. I firmly believe that for the most part anyone can participate in virtually any trend they wish as long as they do so in an age appropriate manner and most importantly in a way that flatters their particular figure. Of course finding what works with any combination of garments can be a challenge, as I've already blogged about before, lol. But if you really want to wear a certain something it's absolutely worth the effort in experimenting.

I got the idea for this outfit and subsequent post from Trace over at Style Klutz . She beautifully answered the perennial question of whether or not a curvy girl can wear skinny jeans. Of course 'curvy' is a relative term, but she illustrated that the answer is a resounding yes by modeling a lovely pair of skinny jeans that looked great on her.

So now this is my attempt at interpreting a skinny jean look for my own individual figure & age. What do you think? I think I like it :)

The black velvet jeans are INC from Macy's. They are described as being low rise, but really are more a mid-rise, IMO. Very comfy, very forgiving.

The plum button down shirt is Liz & Co from JC Penney. Both the necklaces & the brown Karla boots are from Target. The chocolate brown cardigan is John Paul Richards from Macy's. I wear both the boots & the cardigan often -- they are real staples in my wardrobe. The belt was a thrift store find.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Casual Friday -- SAHM Style

Yup, even us SAHM's like the concept of "casual Fridays" here's my take on the idea, lol.

Ok, true confessions: if I'm not going out I pretty much wear sweats & T's (plus a sweater if it's cold). But I am running out real quick to the market to pick up a few little things so I put on actual clothing and some make-up. (Along with my reading glasses perched atop my head so I can read nutritional labels if need be.)

The blue cardigan sweater is from Target, the brown, faux-layered Henley is from Macy's. Jeans are my old standby Lee's from Kohl's and the brown, non-athletic sneakers are Steve Maddens from TJMaxx. My little, navy blue beaded necklace is from a dollar store -- thrown on special just for the photographic occasion :D

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lil' Virtuoso

No, I haven't gone thru some sort of time machine -- this is my 7yo DD making her fashionable blog debut, per her request.
We snapped this last night when she got ready for her last violin class & recital at the local community center. We signed her up for a group session of "Introduction to Violin" that included 8 weekly lessons. We are soooo hugely proud of her and how well she did; the kid really has talent, and I swear I'm not just bragging 'cause I'm her mama! Of course, it was inevitable -- I used to be a singer and DH can pretty much play every musical instrument he gets his hands on :) In fact, we've decided to continue and have her take private lessons since she really shows a proclivity towards the instrument.

When I told her we were going to take a picture she asked if she could be on my blog. Of course! I thought that was soooo cute, lol. She really gets a big kick out of Daddy taking pictures of Mama on the back deck (tho it was too chilly for the violin to go outside for her photo). So, there she is, our girl -- you may all now admire the precious beauty that is my wonderfully talented DD! Oh, and please note the very stylish sparkley jeans -- her particular choice for the outfit :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well, I didn't spend long without my jacket on for today's pix -- it's not even 30 degrees out! That's why even tho the photo of me with just a sweater on isn't the greatest, there was no retake, let me tell ya, lol!

The green jacket is Requirements purchased several years ago at a discount store. It's lined and quite warm. The navy cable knit sweater was a gift. The new turquoise scarf is from Target. I'm really loving experimenting with scarves and this is the first time I think I've worn one with a necklace too. Also from Target are the belt, ubiquitous black boots and bag. Black jeans are Lees from Kohls. The necklace is an oldie but goodie from the '80's. I almost never get rid of jewelery because you just never know when a piece will come back in style or be just the right thing for a certain outfit. Besides, jewelery is small so storing it doesn't take up much room...and of course it pretty much always fits no matter what size you are :)

Hope all of you who live in cold weather climes stay warm today!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's a Cinch Cardigan Clip.

I wouldn't normally put the green cardigan (NY&Co) with the blue, black & ivory printed blouse (Kohls)...but for some reason it just works -- perhaps because the blue in the blouse & green of the cardi are the same color value and the black background in the top blends with the very dark wash of the Ralph Lauren jean. The black boots are from Target, the barely visible diamond & saphire pinky ring was a gift (from DH) and I'm also wearing blue & green earrings from a dollar store that sort of subtly help tie the whole color scheme of the outfit together.

The other thing I'm wearing is my brand new homemade cardigan clip!
Kasmira of the wonderful blog, What I wore today, wrote about what a sweater clip is and then made one from clip-on earrings. I immediately thought about using one in a different way -- to sort of cinch in a boxier cardigan at the waist while still allowing for it to remain open enough to show the blouse underneath, thus creating a very pleasing shape & line. You can get the same effect by buttoning the cardigan as I've blogged about before, but sometimes the buttons look like they are pulling -- even if the cardi fits properly. That doesn't look flattering, IMO. But this method of wearing a cardigan clip solves that problem nicely, don't you think?

I purposely wanted the clip to be unnassuming so it wouldn't detract from any jewelery or other accessories I might wear, but of course you could create a beautiful masterpiece that was worthy of being the centerpiece of an outfit in its own right, if you wanted :)

Here's how I interpreted what Kasmira did but with my own personal tweak -- so simple it's almost ridiculous to describe it, lol! From a craft store I purchased a short length of chain usually used for making braclets, along with some clip on earring backs used for making your own earrings. You will also need some sort of needle nose plier, and maybe some wire cutters. I trimmed the chain length in about half because I wanted to keep it short enough to create the cinching effect on a sweater. But if you were making a more traditional sweater clip like Kasmira did you wouldn't even need to trim the chain at all. The clip on earring backs have an open loop for attaching things to -- simply slip an end of chain into the opening and bend the loop closed with the pliers. That's it! I plan to make several more in varying degrees of length & fanciness -- I'm hooked! (ok, really bad pun, sorry, lol)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Scarves & belts & tights -- oh my!

My new favorite color combination is red & brown -- there's something a little unexpected about it yet it's not garish or jarring in anyway. The cable knit sweater I'm wearing was a long-ago gift, as was the wooden beaded necklace. The bracelet & belt were thrifted. The brown cardigan is one of my 3 favorite cardis -- a John Paul Richard from Macys. I love the shape of it...the way it nips in at the high waist gives whatever I'm wearing a curvy silhouette. The brown linen/cotton blend skirt is from Talbots and a great sort of "go w/everything" kinda garment. The Merona tights & brown Karla boots are from Target.

In the picture below I'm ready to leave and also wearing a denim jacket from Chadwicks, my ubiquitous black bag from Target and a scarf from the Avenue.

This outfit is a perfect example of integrating new looks into my repertoire. The scarf was inspired by a week of how to's on scarves over at What I wore today. Mine is just casually draped around my neck and over the shoulder, but I'd never have even thought to wear one with a denim jacket if it weren't for Kasmira.

And I've talked about being brave enough to wear a belt a few times here, both in a post and in various comments with other bloggers who've been nice enough to come by. They've all encouraged me to try it more often, so I thought I'd give it a go today -- with good results, don't you think?

So to all of you whose wonderful blogs I now follow, and all of you who have soooo graciously commented here at Fashionably Later -- thank you, keep up the good work of being so creative and're all amazing! I can't wait to see what you do next, and to hear your ideas & thoughts here on my comments :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tried & True

Heading out to the supermarket and then Target -- starting my quest for the perfect jean in earnest and figured I'd begin with Le Tarjay.

Also thought a change of venue was in order so we snapped this on the back deck today.

I love this pale, sage green top -- it's from Macy's and is a faux layered shirt & pullover. There are alot of great faux layered pieces in the shops now and I am thrilled. Sometimes layering without adding bulk can be a challenge and with these sort of garments you don't have to worry about that.

The jeans are my old Lees from Kohls, the bag is from Target as well as the black Merona Ashley Maryjane ballet flats. The necklace is from JCPenny and really makes the outfit, IMO. The bracelet is vintage -- belonged to my mom :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lady In Red -- or Maybe Not

A funny thing happened on the way to my blog today....

My original plan was to do a sort of ongoing series here at Fashionably Later wearing this red dress I got from Kohls in as many different ways as possible, starting today by combining it with a plum cardigan I recently purchased from NY&Co. That is until I saw the first batch of pictures, starting with the one below.

In this first picture I'm wearing the cardigan belted. Right off the bat there are two issues -- one being that obviously the cardigan is not a great fit after all; you can see it's too big around the shoulder area and I don't think the faux fur is sitting quite right on me. The second issue is that there is also too much bulk created by the belt, thus making me look "bulgy". So much for belt bravery in this outfit, lol.

Next we have the same cardigan w/o the belt, both open & closed. Not much improvement. I am also not loving the clutch with this outfit so I suppose that's good to know.

And then below we have the "best" look out of all of them IMO -- I took the faux fur off the cardigan (it's removable). While it did give the sweater personality, it didn't do me any favors, lol.
With or without the fur trim the cardigan just does not fit well and will be returned. I'll console myself with the fact that at least the idea of mixing red & plum will totally work and the colors look rather sharp together, not to mention how I love the shoes (thrift store find)...

So then FINALLY (and here comes the ironic part) I decided I should also show the dress plain & unadorned. But when I did...

I discovered it looks positively awful on me! Gee I had no idea the dress made my arms look like that! Seriously, doesn't it look like I'm about to pounce on someone in the wrestling ring or something. Ok, so in short: the red dress itself doesn't fit well either. Live & learn.

So that's the story of a plum cardigan and red dress I used to own...stay tuned to see what else I discover in my closet that I thought looked good but instead looks like crap, LOL!!!! Oh well. In any event, I decided to post all the pics, good, bad, & ugly, so perhaps others can learn from my mistakes. I'm telling you, the things I do in the name of blogging :)

PS: I still like the way the dress fits from the waist down and may check with a tailor to see if it can be altered and how much that will there's hope.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

coveted: Coldwater Creek

I'm actually not that huge a fan of Coldwater Creek fashion over's often a little too matronly, perhaps even too...what's the word I'm looking for? Western? In any event, however, every so often they have some really lovely things that keep me checking their know, just in case.

Truth be told I have absolutely NO where to wear a frock such as this lacey dark blue beauty, but it's sooooo pretty I just kinda want it -- and who knows, maybe if I did own the dress I'd have to find somewhere to wear it. Sort of the "buy it and the event will come" theory, huh?

Ok, I know...that's not how it works and I'll probably have to pass on the dress :(

But this shimmery copper number might be more practical to own...tho at first I thought it was a jacket and it's a blouse instead. Still, it could look cute w/jeans...maybe?

Well then, I am VERY tempted to at least buy the cardigan (have you not noticed yet, I have a thing for cardis?) It would definitely get use in my wardrobe repetoire enough to justify it's existence.
Ah well, tis the season soon enough and I've barely started my wish list. We'll just have to wait and see just how naughty or nice I've been to see what I get ;)

Belted Bravery

Another picture outside today. Figure I might as well take advantage of the fall weather while it lasts.

Starting from the bottom up, tho barely visible in the grass, the red sling back shoes are from Payless, the jeans are Wrangler and getting too big. I'm carrying the same brown bag as yesterday, it's just backward in the photo. The plum, velvet jacket is from NY&Co, the new necklace was bought on sale and is from JCPenny.

Last but not least, I got the black sweater years ago at the Avenue and it's a Plus size 18...a bit too big for me now that I've lost more weight, thus the belt. As I mentioned at the end of my last post, I need a little bit of courage to wear a belt, lol, but under this jacket I guess I'm feeling pretty brave ;)

Off to run errands and go hither & yond, all by myself, DH's with the kids -- yay!

PS: my legs oddly look very short in this shot, but the outfit shows better & you can see the shoes more when you click on it so I decided to include it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cardigans & shape

On most Sundays my mother comes and watches the children so DH and I can go out & about unfettered by kids. This is a HUGE treat and the only real alone time we actually get. So even tho most Sundays involve a simple trip to the mall, catching a flick or just out to eat at our local diner, I still usually like to put more thought into what I'm wearing.

Today, tho, I kept it very simple because the kids got up earlier than expected --and there went all my extra getting ready time. But you do get a nice shot of my front yard :)

I'm wearing all easy pieces: my favorite Croft&Barrow brown, striped button-down shirt from Kohls, a black east5th cardigan from JCPenny, dark wash Ralph Lauren jeans and black Merona Kenna boots from Target. The necklace is from Target, too, and the bag from a thrift shop. The barely visible bracelet was a splurge from Lord & Taylor ($22 on sale!)

A cardigan with a nice form can really compliment any blouse or dress, and while it adds another layer of interest to an outfit it seems a bit less formal than a structured jacket...more comfy too. I love the one I have on today -- it has a peplum effect which is very flattering, IMO. But even a less shapely cardigan can be given a more curvey silohuette simply by how you button it. For instance, you can do just the top button, like when I wore the blue printed dress. Doing the top button alone creates a sort of draping impression which can accentuate the waist if it hits the right place on the body...but be careful because depending on the outfit it can also sort of backfire and end up calling attention to the widest part of your midsection in a less than flattering way -- something I sure don't want to do. A more universally flattering way to button a somewhat boxy cardigan would be like this, which gives a waist cinching appearance...and as long as the cardigan fits well it won't look like you are popping out of it and can't button all your buttons :) And if you are really brave, you can belt it, like this or this. I'm not that brave -- yet.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wardrobe Hierarchy

Obviously the pic to the right is not of me...but it is of one of my most recent purchases -- a green cardigan from NY&Co.

No personal pic today, firstly because DH (aka the photographer) isn't home, and secondly because today I'm just hanging out in sweats -- not exactly a highly photogenic moment, lol.

Which leads me to address the topic of wardrobe choices during down time. Whether you are a SAHM, work from home, or are just hanging out on the weekend after a busy work-week, what you choose to wear still matters, at least IMO. This is not to say I am dressed for public consumption every minute of every day! No, there is a hierarchy of dressing for the ocassion, and hanging out at home is certainly at the bottom in terms of effort (and the top in terms of comfort!) But it's still important to care about your appearance at least to some degree even when no one else is looking. Why? Because YOU are looking, and YOU are just as important as anyone else :)

When I think I look totally shlubby (is that a word and if so how do you spell it?) I feel shlubby...and that colors my world view too. None to minimal make-up is fine, but washing my face, fixing my hair a bit, wearing a bra and clothing I would be willing to be seen in to say, get the mail, is my bare minimum for days I'm here alone with the kids and DH is no where to be seen.

I should probably explain my schedule before I go any further. DH works double shifts 3 days a week, meaning I don't really see him on the days he works since he leaves very early and arrives home after the kids & I are asleep. But on the other 4 days a week he's home morning till nite.

In thinking about this I've realized that at present I have essentially 5 categories of dressing:

1. DH not home, kids & I staying in.

This is the most casual of dressing days. It usually consists of sweats & long sleeved T-shirts in the cold months and shorts or capris & T-shirts in the warm months. Beyond that I fix my hair a little and make sure I'm presentable enough to open the door should a neighbor come by. Unless I'm actually cleaning (a rarity, lol) in which case I wear truly atrocious clothing and would pretend I wasn't home when the doorbell rang!

2. DH home, all of us staying in.

Same deal as above, but I usually put make-up on first thing in the morning and wear my nicest know, the ones that aren't so stretched out it looks like my butt is a deflated balloon, lol.

3. Me going out with the kids alone.

Any time I leave home I try to look put together because it makes me feel good. But when I'm juggling the two kids by my lonesome I also need to be practical -- running around after an active 2yo in any kind of heel is suicidal at best. So some sort of flat is the order of the day, along with clothes I can comfortably bend down and stand up in about 1000 times. Still, I wouldn't be caught dead in any variation of sweats & a Tshirt. That's for working out or hanging out, period. Going out requires real, actual clothing -- at least a decent pair of jeans, a nice shirt and some make-up.

4. Going out as a family.

This means that DH is home, so I can take a bit more time to get ready...not to mention I have a partner to wrangle the kids with. So I get to put a little more effort into my look, and maybe wear a low heel. Let DH chase the kids.

5. Going out alone or with DH.

Here's wear I get to play dress-up! I wear what I want, take my time getting ready, and get to be creative in putting together my look. Still, I live a fairly casual life and rarely go out in the evening, so we are talking day-wear. Maybe when the kids are older and we feel comfortable leaving them with a sitter other than my mom we can go out for a real grown-up evening. But till then I still get to wear my dresses and other nice things, if only in a more "business casual" way.

There could be a 6th category I suppose. Things like holidays, family parties, dining out, etc. But I can dress up any one of a number of more casual day outfits easily by swapping out the accessories, so it really didn't seem to warrant it's own category.

So gosh, there you have it, my life in a nutshell. I urge anyone interested in fine tuning their look and streamlining their closet to spend a little time defining their attire needs because it makes putting together a wardrobe a much more cohesive process. When you know what looks you need or want you can get ready for what ever your day has in store with ease.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Little Dressier

Well, while the outfit is infinitely better than the previous post's, the pose is a little stiff. I'm also NOT thrilled with how my facial features look, lol, but perhaps better lighting will do the trick.

I'm simply dressed to run a few errands and hit the mall. I love wearing a day dress, it's just as comfortable as jeans & a sweater plus it gives you a casual yet put together look with minimal effort -- just throw on a sweater and some boots and you're good to go. No brainer :)

Since I'm writing this after I've returned I can say that my shopping trip was highly successful -- I got some cute things at NY&Co as well as a number of items from Target. I'm hitting the stores pretty hard now since I want to avoid them once the official start to holiday shopping begins post Thanksgiving -- I just can't take the crowds when it comes to clothes shopping.

The blue dress is from Chadwicks and I have another one in a different color & print. The Merona cardigan and brown Karla boots are from Target -- I love, love, love the boots...they are uber comfy. The necklace is one I made from a vintage earring.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My First Photo!

This is a trial run, and not the greatest pic -- but we wanted to see how this all worked as we've never uploaded personal photos to a blog before. ("we" being DH and I, he's the photographer)

The colors are a little off (and the room is a MESS, good grief!) but all in all not the worst first try ever. I'm actually just dressed to go to the supermarket, nothing fancy. Although it may not be a very auspicious beginning for a blog about style, lol, I do promise there will be more interesting fashion examples to come -- really!!!

The brown hooded jacket is Columbia Sportswear from The Depot (a local shop). The red Henley w/faux camisole is Style & Co from Macy's. My old bootcut jeans are Lee from Kohls. Barely visable are my brown, Steve Madden non-athletic sneakers from TJMaxx...and the camel colored bag came from Target.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Maiden Voyage

After perusing various fashion & style blogs I feel pretty confident that I can make a go of this, newbie or not. So I guess I should introduce myself and give a little background info.

The first thing that springs to mind when I'm compelled to tell even a small portion of my life story is to start with the fact that I'm a mom. Like many women who choose to be mothers, this defines my life. I make no apologies for that and believe whole-heartedly that it should. I have two amazing kids, a daughter aged 7 and a son aged 2. They are the light of my life, of course, but perhaps even more so since I suffered from years of infertility and some precarious pregnancy issues. I'll save that saga for another time, but suffice is to say they are extra precious miracles. I also am an "older" mom; I had my daughter at age 38 and my son at 43.

The next thing I should probably add is that I've lost around 130 lbs. I went from about a size 28 to a size 14 (ok, sometimes 16 but also sometimes a 12). I'm almost 5'7". Obviously this is also a huge defining factor in my life. Clothes are a pleasure to me now, but I emphatically believe they should have been all along. It's one of the things I want to continue to highlight in this blog -- any woman of any size can be stylish, and SHOULD be. It's really all a question of fit. This has been a revelation to me and the inspiration for this project.

And last but not least, I am happily married to the same man for 15 years...together for nearly 22. We live in a little house in northern NJ with our children. As I'm a SAHM we are on a budget, though frugality comes pretty naturally to us both. I believe in quality not quantity but even still, sometimes you just gotta shop cheap :)

Stay tuned, I'll be posting pix and other musings soon...