Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A totally cancer-free post


I am both a neat freak and a slob –like I’ll complain that Michael didn’t put the tea back exactly where it belongs when the entire kitchen looks like a bomb hit it.

I have no hesitation about public speaking whatsoever. I’ll address a crowd of just about any size in a heartbeat.

I love cemeteries -- I espcially like to find a quiet spot where I can just sort of gaze out over all the headstones and the grounds…for some reason a cemetery view always seems to inspire me to write poetry.

One of my favorite songs to sing is Amazing Grace – yet I’m not Christian. Oh, and if I hear it played on the bagpipes I become a sniveling puddle.

My favorite place to be in the world is Cape Cod, Massachusetts…particularly Wellfleet or Provincetown. Spending time traversing those windswept dunes or strolling the quaint cobblestone streets fills me with a sense of belonging and peace.

If I had to choose one last meal it would probably be a burger, fries & chocolate shake (the vegan versions, of course).

Summer is my least favorite season – I absolutely hate the heat. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

Parting with books is very hard for me… I’m trying to be less sentimental and have managed to give away a few, but books are like old friends -- even the ones that I’ve outgrown are hard to part with because of the memories.

I’ve only left the country twice – both times to Canada. As a kid I spent two weeks in Ontario and then after graduation I spend three months working as a nanny for a wealthy family in their Quebec summer home.

I actually like cloudy, gray days almost more than sunny ones. There’s something about the way other colors pop against a silvery gray sky that speaks to me aesthetically.
Thanks so much to lovely Lesa at Always Summer who gave me the two awards below, I’m honored – and I also can't tell you how good it was to do a fun post having NOTHING to do whatsoever with breast cancer -- gosh I really needed that!

Now I’d like to pass the awards on to the following fantastic blogs:

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EvaNadine said...

oh, wow -- thanks for this award! i had no idea that you even read my blog...
its nice to see a cancer-free post from you -- its nice to get your mind away from it for a moment, isnt it? does this mean you are feeling a wee bit better these days?
i do hope so...

Sheila said...

Thanks so much, Kayleigh! I love seeing a non-cancer post, seeing the side of you that isn't focussed on the cancer. I hope you are doing well.

Jean said...

Well deserved awards for you K, and thanks for passing them on. It's so lovely to get a glimpse of the Kayleigh I got to know through your old fashion blog. I hope these posts become more frequent as you continue along the road to recovery. Much love to you x

Kayleigh said...

Thanks everyone!

EvaNadine -- I have my good days and my bad days, but in many ways I am feeling better over all, thank you :)

Sheila -- Thanks, me too...oh, and aren't you on a trip or something? I'll check your blog in a bit but if you are, have a GREAT time!!! And if you're back, well, welcome home :)

notSupermum -- I hope so too, dear friend, and thank you for your loving support thru all this, you have been just wonderful.

In fact, these awards are my little bloggy way of saying a small thank you to some of my particular fave friends out there in the blogosphere...dear people who've stuck with me thru thick and thin this past year. Huge hugs to you all!!!!

sallymandy said...

Congratulations Kayleigh. You have one of the most relevant blogs out there, and being a beautiful writer only adds to what you have to say. Thank you so much for the writing you do. I'm honored to be listed on your awards post here. Thank you so much! xo

Lesa said...

Hi Kayleigh,

You put so much thought into your ten things I love it.

I am going to try to give you the Lands End Link but I'm not great at it so it is the: Women's Regular Short Sleeve 1x1 rib v neck top

Thanks for sharing!


Kayleigh said...

Sallymandy....oh my, thank you SO much for those kind compliments, they mean alot coming from one as talented as you :)

Lesa, I really have to thank you again for the really sparked something quite nice for me, it was a pleasure. And thanks too for the link w/tee info, I'm going to order myself one ASAP!

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Thank you so much, Kayleigh. I will be working on my lists and pay-it-forwards this weekend! I thanked you at my place too!

Brenda said...

Thanks for the award Kayleigh. Its nice to get to know you a little better through this post.

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

Thanks so much Kayleigh - so unexpected.

I'm glad that you've passed the 1 year mark - so important - and that your attitude is so much more positive - even with all the crap.

So weird - even though I'm not a Christian my favourite song is Jerusalem - which is all about the Church of England.

So much more luck for the future.xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Thank you so much for the awards. Your ongoing battle has been both heartening and heart breaking and never less than inspiring. And you have shown amazing grace throughout. Here's to a brighter future.

WendyB said...

I feel ya on #1.

Kayleigh said...

Tessa -- your response to my comment on your blog made me all teary eyed, thank you :)

Brenda -- thank you, it was fun doing the ten things, I really had to think about them and it reminded me of who I was and how some things are NOT changed by cancer.

Imogen -- Thanks so much, and yes, it really does seem more and more like a significant milestone as it sinks in how much time has passed...and how much crap I've endured, as you so perfectly put it, lol!

Jane, thank you, that is so sweet...finding grace in all this has been a challenge, but to hear that you think I have is precious to me.

Wendy -- right? I mean, who cares if the sink is overflowing with dishes and the counters are stickier than a toddler's fingers, why can't DH understand that the tea simply MUST be put back on the shelf in its proper spot??? :D

Sal said...

Thank you, beautiful! I will get to this soon. I SWEAR IT.

La Belette Rouge said...

I am so with you on summer, Amazing Grace, and the last meal. Congrats to you on the well deserved awards!!! And thank you!!!xxoo

Kayleigh said...

Sal -- no rush, no pressure...I was happy giving out the awards but don't want anyone to feel obligated -- just know it was bestowed upon you with great love & gratitude :D

La Belette -- didn't get a chance to stop by your blog and let you know this was here, so glad you popped in and discovered it :D I am soooooo bummed you are in my neck of the woods (or relatively close) and here I sit with pnuemonia, housebound and hairless (never a good combo, lol!) Hope you and the lovely Wendy are having an UBER FAB time in NYC!!!! Much love heading across the Hudson.

hilal said...

its nice to see a cancer-free post from you -- its nice to get your mind away from it for a moment, isnt it? does this mean you are feeling a wee bit better these days?