Thursday, April 25, 2013

once in a pink moon

Saturday, April 27th  falls just on the waning side of the full moon -- a moon that is appropriately known as the "pink moon"...apropos for me, that is, because it will be the four year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis.   

I was actually planning a blog post last week, the first in almost two years.  But then the terrible bombings in Boston happened.  It just didn’t seem the right moment to inaugurate what I hope will become a new era for my simple little blog.   

I’ll put that post up after the weekend, but in the meantime I wanted to take a moment to talk about one of the many heroes to come out of Boston. 

Today I was deeply moved, as I’m sure many were, by the interview with Heather Abbott...particularly the part where she referred to how futile it was to dwell on the negative or focus on all the "what ifs".  That hit me hard - but in the best possible way.   I've done my fair share of obsessing over things that cannot be changed. 

Her eloquence and determination to move forward despite her injury was very natural, indicative of the inherent spirit of bravery she possesses.  Heather Abbott is the epitome of grace...a fitting topic for this, my first new blog post as I begin trying to pick up the pieces of my own life.
Since the pink moon heralds the renewal of spring, may it shine graciously on all of us... 


Jean (notsupermum) said...

Oh Kayleigh, How are you?? I'm so delighted to see you blogging again. Thank you for visiting my blog and saying hello - I whooped when I read your comment! Please email me so we can catch up (notsupermum at hotmail dot com).

much love, Jean

Sheila said...

I am SO happy to hear from you, Kayleigh! I have been popping in here and there to see if you were posting - I was really worried that you had died, to be honest.

Thrilled to see you back. *HUG*

Kayleigh said...

NSM -- got your email, on my way out today but will read it tonite. You are just so sweet.

Sheila -- I feared that is what people thought....I know I would have. I feel just awful about that, I am deeply sorry for worrying anyone. I am also very touched that everyone I've reached out to is so happy to "see" me. You were one of the folks that always supported me thru the thick and thin of it and words fail to tell you how much that still means to me. It's been a hard road...but I think I'm heading in the right direction now, or at least I'm trying to. Thank you so much for caring.

I missed you guys :) Thanks for the heartfelt welcomes.

Tat said...

Fantastic to "see" you back - looking forward to hearing how you and yours are doing xxx

Kayleigh said...

Hi Tat -- it's so nice to "see" you too, thank you so much for the welcome back :)