Saturday, June 13, 2009

13 things I've learned

Alot of things in my life are less complicated than I made them.

I am very blessed to be smart.

Any doctor threatened by my intelligence is one I should stay away from.

Having anxiety doesn’t make me less capable.

Having anxiety doesn’t make me less brave.

I can cry and think at the same time.

I am way stronger than I ever thought.

My love for the kids is a source of strength for my own self.

Sometimes I have to put my needs first.

More people are loving and kind than not.

When people unite in compassion it eliminates differences that don’t matter.

Rarely is anything insurmountable, often you just have to find another way around.

Time is a precious gift -- I will never see it the same way again.


Jean said...

It's at times such as this that life takes on a new meaning.

I used to work for a man who had a heart attack in his 50s. He later told me it was the best thing to ever happen to him, because he had cherished every day since.

I'm glad you're finding the positives when it would be so easy to dwell on the negatives. x

Brenda said...

Great post, I may copy the idea.

I am sure you will learn SO much more as time goes by.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful observations about yourself that we can all learn from. Thanks for the gift on a beautiful Sunday!

Sheila said...

Those are wonderful, Kayleigh! I can feel that you are savouring every minute.

Stay strong - thinking of you.

La Belette Rouge said...

It is extraordinary the things that life crises can teach us. The one biggie I have learned in mine is that I am strong. It took a whole lot of hell for me to get that lesson.

You amaze me that in the midst of this you could see all this. It took some distance for me to get my lessons.

Unknown said...

Oh this list is sooo right on! I particularly love this: "any doctor threatened by my intelligence is one I should stay away from" YES!!! I kind of found out the same thing recently. Makes me wonder about the medical profession, seriously.