Thursday, July 23, 2009

Incision indecision and tissue issues

A play in who the hell knows how many acts

The cast of characters:

Dr. M -- Breast Surgeon from Big Hospital
Dr. C -- Plastic Surgeon from Big Hospital
Dr. K -- Breast Surgeon from Little Hospital
Dr. P -- Plastic Surgeon from Little Hospital
Me -- Confused Cancer Chick

First Scene, Big Hospital:

Dr. M has changed his mind about the incision underneath the breast and thinks going laterally across the side on the surface will be better, claiming suddenly this is preferable to get to all the cancer -- even tho at the last visit he assured Confused Cancer Chick that the incision decision would be up to her. Dr. C thinks that the TRAM flap may somehow cause a bulge if an inframmarary incision is made and while she's not pushing it, she can see Dr. M's point and would also now prefer to do this lateral breast incision instead of going underneath.

Meanwhile at Little Hospital....

Dr. K and Dr. P are totally on board with making the incision underneath -- no questions there, much to Confused Cancer Chick's relief.

But wait...what's that? Why, it's the sound of ominous music coming from stage left.

Dr. K from Little Hospital claims that re-testing the removed breast tissue for all the hormonal receptors and cancer classifications is unnecessary. Yet how on earth will Confused Cancer Chick be assured that all three of the tumors are the same cancer profile? Not all of them were originally biopsied. Clearly this is necessary and important, right?

Scene Two: Back at Big Hospital...

Dr. M proclaims that all removed tissue must be tested, it's practically unscrupulous to suggest otherwise.

Fade to black....Confused Cancer Chick takes center stage, spot light on her...she finally speaks:


Confused Cancer Chick's head explodes. Curtain falls.

The end? hospital I will have no scar on my breast but insufficient pathology, the other I get a scar across my boob but the necessary testing to insure proper cancer analysis. My task before noon tomorrow is BY PHONE to either convince Dr. K at little hospital to do the pathology I need or convince Dr. M at big hospital to do the incision I want. And then to believe that any of them are accurate enough to have faith in.

Depending on the answers I'm either having a mastectomy on MONDAY(!)....or the first week in August.

There's not enough Xanax or chocolate in the world.


Jean said...

Kayleigh, no wonder you feel confused. Thinking of you and wishing you well.

I'm going on holiday tomorrow for a week, and suddenly I feel guilty that I might not be able to leave messages for you. But you'll be in my thoughts. x

Kayleigh said...

Oh my, you are sooooo sweet! That's very touching that you would even think like that, I just love you :)

Please go on your holiday and have a WONDERFUL time...try not to think about anything but yourself for a while -- you so deserve that! Just FYI, I'll be putting up a last official blog entry before my surgery and Michael will post updates in the comments section of it, so whenever you see that you'll know the when and how.

You are a dear, dear friend and I'd like to jump across the pond and give you a great big hug! Have a great time...."see" ya when you get back, one way or the other!

Much love....

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