Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wow, it gets even better...

...and quite frankly it's about damn time!!!!!

So I actually like the plastic surgeon ALOT, and he is more than willing to make me another saggy middle-aged boob to match the one I already have. He gets me, and he's a warm, caring & thorough doctor. You can imagine that after all this time of searching I am in deep shock now, lol. It almost seems too easy and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop (or maybe that should be the other nipple?)

Anyway, there's some other good medical stuff here too -- like he works with a partner to do my kind of reconstruction...so they all work together on me at the same time, two plastic surgeons and one breast cancer sugeon. This is super important for someone with my clotting factors because it cuts the time on the operating table in half -- instead of an 8 hour surgery they get me done in 4 hours. Yes this makes sense. No, I can't explain why even in the big city hospitals like Sloan Kettering they don't/won't do it this way.

I can't explain ALOT of things about some of the doctors I have seen!

It's scary when you think about it. I did everything "right", went to the top rated hospitals around. Sloan K., NYU, Hackensack Univ, to name just a few. These two new doctors are out of a small breast center in a Westchester County NY hospital that makes my local hospital look positively metropolitan. Yet they are doing state of the art surgeries, people travel to go there. I have to tell you, when we walked in I was honestly not impressed, I'm a bit of a medical snob, lol. In fact, I thought it was a royal waste of time by the looks of the joint. How wrong I was!

So, where did I find these two miracle docs?

For a moment I'd like to say a few words about some young women I often lovingly refer to as the "BRCA gals". These women are faced with a high genetic risk of getting breast cancer. Many of these brave young women do prophalactic mastectomies to save their lives -- as you can imagine a tough decision. But these are empowered, strong women I admire more than I can say. They also, I have found, know alot more about mastectomy & reconstruction than practically anyone else. It is from researching resources available thanks to these women that I found the two doctors I have just seen. I will always have a special place in my heart for these amazing women.

I'm going to cancel my mastectomy at the other hospital. Since I still love the original plastic surgeon I saw there I made an appointment with a different breast surgeon to see if they will match what I'm being offered in Westchester. If so, I'll have to choose. If not, I have my team in place and will schedule the new surgery in Westchester.

After 3.5 mos since first finding the lumps it strangely seems to be happening very fast now. My head is spinning a little. But I am truly more at peace with the sugical choices I have now. I'm so glad I didn't give up after all, that I listened to my gut. Even if in the end I lose my nipple it will be for all the right reasons and not just because of medical ignorance or arbitrary red tape.

What a relief!

Thank you S000000 much to all my readers for listening on & on to this endless saga, for supporting me, for encouraging me and for the oodles of comfort you have offered. This process would have gone far differently without all of you and this blog. Of that I've no doubt.

Blessings and gratitude to all!


Jean said...

Two days running with good news! Brilliant, but no more than you deserve. I'm so pleased for you K. x

Steph H said...

Sounds like you have found the illustrious and famous (at least in the BRCA circles I run in) Drs. A and S! I met them at the FORCE conference this Spring and have met many women (and even seen and touched their boobs!) who have had reconstruction with that team. I considered for a brief time traveling to work with them for my mastectomy, but there is a doctor in my area who specializes in the kind of surgery they pioneered. I'm so happy you've found them and they can do the kind of surgery you want. Oh, and have you checked out onestepscoop.com? It's a BRCA blog, but a lot of the women in the reconstruction galleries had their boobs done by the Dobbs Ferry doctors, so you can get a sense of their artistry. Congrats!

Weronika Janczuk said...

Oh, Kayleigh--I'm glad to hear that things are moving along. Congratulations on the progress!

Please keep us all updated and stay strong, lady. We all believe in you.


JJ said...

I found the same kind of PS, the ones who listen and will do everything in their power to make you happy. It makes all the difference. I'm very relived for you.

I had two PSs working on my reconstruction at the same time and at first my insurance company balked. They thought they were being double billed until I called to explain it. Just something to look out for.

Chuck Dilmore said...

all thanks to your
beautiful, positive vibes!

incredible, Kayleigh!

Brenda said...

I'm so glad you found someone you are comfortable with, thats really important in your care and your compliance. I have been and continue to be happy with my choice, especially after spending several days in another facility. Can't wait to hear how it all proceeds.

Kayleigh said...

Just a quick little thanks to all...much to do for the next few days. I so appreciate your encouragement and am deeply touched by your happiness for me :D

La Belette Rouge said...

This is such great news! I am so happy you have a team that you believe in.

Sheila said...

Oh, honey, I am tearing up just reading this! I am so happy for you, that it finally seems like all the good karma has lined up and brought you people who understand YOU and what you want.

Sometimes good vibes happen!


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic news. Wishing you a quick and speedy sugery and recovery!

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh, why does it take so long for this to get taken care of? It has been 3.5 months--what if it has spread in the meantime? How do they monitor that? I just can't believe they make you wait so long...