Sunday, February 22, 2009

Didn't wear this today either...

Yup, still sick -- bleh! Apparently this cold is one of those lingering, miserable, just-when-you-thought-ya-were-on-the-mend-I'll-whack-you-one-more-time, kinda deals.

Again: bleh.

So digging into the photo files I went. This is what I found.

I had just gotten the cardigan from JC Penney's and wore it the next day. While I was at it, I tried it on with a couple other things to see how it looked, thus this picture.

Loved the cardi with this sleevless striped top I got last summer from Target but it looked funny to me with the super dark wash of my Ralph Lauren jeans so I didn't use the photo on the blog. However it will definitely be a good combo with a denim skirt, some light-weight capris or even a more medium wash jean so I'm glad I tried it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, see ya Tuesday w/an outfit pic (one way or the other, lol!)


Sal said...

You poor lamb! Hope you're able to take it easy and HEAL.

Love this springy, stripy top. Such a joyful pattern and great, energetic colors. Possibly the opposite of how you're feeling now ...

Jean said...

Get well soon, I'm feeling pretty rough myself (chest infection).

I've left an award for you on my blog!

Shallow Coffee said...

Good grief! I'm still sick too. Will it never end? I'll tell you, I bet you look better than I do right now no matter what you are wearing. Because you are cool like that.

Trace said...

Awwwww Kayleigh I really hope you start feeling back to normal soon! I guess it's the season, there are a ton of people who are sick at my work too. =(

Anyway, that is is a gorgeous cardi, absolutely love the color. You've got a great stash of pictures!!