Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh deer!

No outfit photo, staying in and having a shlumpy day trying to catch up with a few things at home.

But to entertain you I thought I'd put up another wildlife pic from my yard. As some may remember, I once posted a picture of a barred owl that frequently hung out on a hemlock branch behind where I often take my daily photos.

Well, this young buck has come around quite often too. He also isn't camera shy, so perhaps he could stand in for me until tomorrow :)

Notice he wears his antlers particulalry well, don't you think? And that shade of brown looks lovely on him, yes?

Have a great day, see ya tomorrow with an outfit picture!


Jane said...

So magical!

Anonymous said...

I grew up with deer in my yard too. My mom hated it as they ate the whole garden. She called it the "deer salad bar."

We also had a family of racoons that would come up to our sliding doors to do little standing tricks!

And, if this isn't enough wildlife, we had a skunk we named "Patty" who would eat the cat food outside!

Sheila said...

Oh, how cool. There are some deer around here but more in the suburbs than in town. I live a few blocks from downtown, so mostly I see racoons, squirrels and drunk people coming home from the bar (heh, party animals).

Hillary said...

Oh wow, how nice to see right outside your door.

WendyB said...

He's quite striking. Just tell him to keep his Lyme disease ticks to himself!