Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two for one

Ok, I admit it -- it was so warm out yesterday I took a spare picture :) I'm glad I did, too, for while it's not super cold out today it IS super windy with 60mph gusts. Plus I'm staying in today and cleaning, so there'd be no outfit photo anyway. And I was trying this on to see if it still fit, so why not snap a photo -- the camera has become a great gauge to see how things really look.

DD calls this my "splash of color" shirt. It was $6.00 off the clearance rack at NY&Co.

You know how they say if you wouldn't pay full price for something don't buy it just 'cause it's on clearance? I totally agree, but broke the rule with this blouse. What I don't completely love is the neckline -- it's wide and stiff so that no matter what bra I wear it seems to show as I move around and I'm always futzing with it. But with a camisole underneath it's not the worst thing to show a little lace so that makes it feasible. Oh, and it looks ok under a cardigan too, so it can be a layering piece....all of which justifies the 6 bucks spent, lol.

Anyway, the jeans are Target, the Maryjanes are secondhand. The pendant and bracelet, both from JC Penney, are what I wore in yesterday's photo. The additional silver toned chain is vintage, from my mother.

Have a great, windswept day!


Sal said...

Six bucks for a cute print that works as a layering piece is a worthwhile expenditure. Plus those are good colors on you, lady.

Sheila said...

I actually really like this top - I would wear this. Great colours for you. This would be cute with a straight skirt too.

I really like your layering of the necklaces.

ohthatgirl said...

Great print. Excellant score!

Jane said...

I think taking pictures of outfits really helps - lovely top.

Hillary said...

I like the top too. It leaves you with many possibilities