Friday, February 20, 2009

What I didn't wear today

This photo wasn't taken today because I'm still sick, bleh.

The pic is from my outfit photo file and was taken perhaps a few weeks ago. I wore the outfit that day, but after seeing this photo I took off the necklace and changed into boots (more practical w/the snow).

This was one of those days I probably wore two outfits and posted the other one to the blog instead of this one...that happens maybe once every other week or so.

I often go out early in the morning to run some errands while DH stays w/the kids...then come home, hang around the house for a while, only to go out again later. Most of the time I wear the same outfit when I go out the 2nd time, but if I'm not crazy about what I originally chose, I might change into something else.

All of which has resulted in a handful of photos that weren't used on the blog collecting virtual dust in my files. In the case of this ensemble what I didn't like was the necklace -- it seemed too much with the pin and didn't hang as nicely as I thought it would.

The peplum cableknit sweater is from NY&Co, as well as the striped cardigan. The pin was from my Etsy haul, the bracelet from JC Penney's, I think. The jeans are Target and the Maryjanes are secondhand.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, no doubt I'll be back to my old self by Monday (she said hopefully)!


Trace said...

Hope you feel better ASAP!!

Great that you have past pics to draw from - I need to start doing that! Another polished look, especially with the pin and striped cardi.

Jane said...

Take care - I sometimes take two outfits too.