Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Misery loves company...

Here's yet another photo from the archives -- I think I've only got a couple left so it's a good thing I feel a wee bit better. Not great, not even good enough to get dressed to go out, but better nonetheless.

And apparently I'm not alone, several of you wonderful people have commiserated with me and are feeling under the weather yourselves...you have my heartfelt sympathies. Here's to hoping we all feel totally well ASAP!

As to this outfit, I honestly can't remember why I didn't post this picture to the blog -- must have been something I didn't care for that in my present sickly state I cannot fathom, lol.

The floral shirt is from JC Penney, the cardigan from NY&Co. The black pin is from Target, as well as the boots. And yes, those are my ubiquitous Ralph Lauren jeans :)

Hope everyone has a great evening -- see ya tomorrow!

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