Sunday, February 1, 2009

Seafoam & snow

More snow came & went, with still another dose on the way. While we haven't gotten any huge storms that buried us deep this winter, there's been repeated snowfalls that have kept my area blanketed in white for a long time now. I was hoping for a total meltdown, however it's not happened yet.

But I was thinking spring and trying on some lighter-weight stuff for when the thaw does finally come. This seafoam colored cardigan is from JC Penney and I've paired it with a simple teal T-shirt. The jeans are my usual Ralph Laurens, the black Merona boots from Target.

The beautiful necklace was a holiday gift from my mom.

Speaking of stuff like warmer weather & seafoam, I've also been trying on (GULP!) bathing suits. It's been over 25 years since I have worn one and to even consider donning a bathing suit in public is HUGE albeit a little bit anxiety provoking, I must admit.

But we have alot of lakes around here and some lovely little beaches -- I want to go swimming with my kids. Not to mention a New England seaside vacation in the latter part of the summer/early fall.

So, any advice for choosing a suit? I've narrowed it down to tankini styles so far, but I'm willing to take any tips ya got!

Have a great Monday tomorrow everyone, see ya Tuesday :D


Hillary said...

I love the seafoam of my favs. I am also a fan of the tankini's. I am hippier so I usually favor halter tops with patterns and dark, solid colored bottoms. Here is a site that can also help you...

Good luck in your search!

Jane said...

The colours really work for you.
Good luck with the swimming costumes - but it's too cold for me to even think about it now!
Your are very br br brave!

Sal said...

That color is FANTASTIC on you, lady.

If you're shy like me, I recommend a pair of board shorts and a tankini, or even a tank suit. Athleta and Title Nine have great ones (but spendy), but so do LL Bean and Land's End (cheaper).

Sheila said...

I haven't owned a swimsuit since I was 17, so I'm not the best person to ask. Maybe one day...the ocean's too cold here, and the lakes are well, lakey.

I love this colour combo on you! You look stunning in it!