Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Make it snappy

This blue cardigan from Kohls was paired with the leopard blouse the other day, but since I didn't actually wear the ensemble out I decided to use the cardigan again sooner rather than later.

I'm also accessorizing it with one of the button brooches I made :)

My necklace & the beaded bracelet are both dollar store finds. The plain, black button-down shirt is from Macy's; boots are from Target.

The slight problem with the cardigan is that it actually snaps rather than buttons, meaning if it's left open you could see the "bare" half of the snap on the one side without the decorative button. Of course then said snap fell off anyway (figures, right?) I thought about just leaving it off, but you can sort of see in the photo when I wore it the other day that the fabric is a bit puckered there. I thought about sewing the extra button that came with it over the area, but then I couldn't ever close the sweater properly -- it would always have to either be pinned or totally open.

To solve the issue lickety split I just took that extra button and turned it into a sort of temporary button by gluing a pin back to it. Now I have options -- when I want to leave the cardigan open or use a brooch to close it as I did today, I can simply pin the extra button over the re-sewn bare snap and it looks like a double button detail meant to be a design feature of the garment. Otherwise I can just snap the thing closed as it was intended.

So now the post title makes a little more sense, huh? I know, it seems like alot to go thru for a silly cardigan, lol -- but it took way more time to explain the process than to actually do it...besides, it's always worth a little effort to be a snappy dresser (get it, snappy dresser!)

Ugh, yeah, I know -- sorry ;)

PS: I know I've received a couple awards (thank you!!!) and that I've been remiss in stopping by some of your wonderful blogs to say hi as usual -- sooooo sorry, I've just been overwhelmed lately with a few minor projects & motherhood (2yo has a cold, rest of us are fighting it) -- ANYWAY, I just wanted to mention that I've not forgotten you, miss you and will be 'round asap :D

Have a great, healthy day!


V said...

Love the blue on you and that button brooch is adorable!

Sal said...

Clever you! Great work-arounds, and I adore that brooch, too.

Cathryn said...

That button brooch is great. I like the touch of green among the cerulean blue, and the way you placed it between two other buttons.

I started looking for more buttons at my favorite fabric store to make some of those brooches. I decided to wait for now since I don't really need any new brooches. ;-)

Sheila said...

You're so crafty!

I love this blue on you.