Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Ostara!

Ostara is an old Germanic name given to today, the first day of spring aka the Vernal Equinox. This is the springtime holiday my family and I celebrate, similar to Easter (in fact, the word "Easter" is derived originally from Ostara). Our festivities include the familiar bunnies & baskets of goodies, too.

I hide trinket filled plastic eggs 'round the house and when they are all finally found the children get to open a singular large wicker egg brimming with jelly beans, marzipan chicks and a dark chocolate bunny. They also each have a basket filled with little toys wrapped in pastel colored tissue paper...nothing too big or expensive, just odds and ends and favorite things.

We have another little tradition that the kids think is particularly some point, weather permitting, we go outside with bells and drums and stamp our feet, shouting to wake up Mother Earth from her winter slumber. This is probably almost more fun than the toys since they get to be as loud and rowdy as they want (my poor neighbors!)-- it's also self defense because it's a GREAT way to burn off a sugar high, lol.

The big holiday meal consists of eggplant lasagna, a colorful spring green salad and good, crusty Italian bread. For dessert there's orange carrot cake baked in an individual egg shaped cupcake tin so we can all decorate our own with pastel colored frostings and sprinkles. It's messy, but oh so good :)

All in all it's a fun day and the weather promises to cooperate. (I'm actually writing this the night before and scheduling it to post all by itself, fingers crossed. )

So, may the promise of this season for rebirth fill you with vitality and joy. Wishing you and yours a hoppy first day of spring and an egg-cellent weekend!!!! See ya Monday w/an outfit pic :)


Sal said...

What a FANTASTIC-sounding Ostara celebration! Can I come?

Unknown said...

How cool! I adore Springtime!

I'm originally from Sri Lanka and Buddhist, and the traditional Buddhist and Hindu New Year also falls around this time (date varies every year) ... this year it will be on April 15th! Seems very similar to the tradition of Ostara. :o) We have to wear new clothes on that day, make yummy New Year foods, and there are celebrations and parties everywhere, as well as temple rituals. Lots of fun and good times!

Trace said...

This celebration sounds so wonderful and so much fun! I love learning about new things from blogs. Hope you and your family had an amazing weekend K!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks all!

Sal, yes, please do -- the more the merrier!!!

Anchibride, thank you, your celebration sounds soooo wonderful, I've read about it and would love to participate in some of the rituals someday -- quite fascinating, thank you for sharing some of it with me :)

Trace, thank you, I know just what you mean, I love to hear about what other people celebrate or their various traditions too. We had a wonderful time, thanks :)

Sheila said...

Awesome! That sounds like so much fun!