Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Although that's little excuse for my hair, lol :)

Yes, March decided to come in roaring like a lion, dumping over a foot of snow on my little burg. Between power outages and no internet we were roughing it -- aside from heat when we lose power we also lose running water since we have a well with an electric pump.

(In fact, after I uploaded this photo and wrote the blurb above I was still unable to post until now -- and I'm going to hurry up and get this up before I lose internet access again!)

So have a great day, see ya tomorrow!!!


Sal said...

Oh no! Hope that snow gets under control soon ... at least you look amazing while battling your wintry woes.

Jean said...

You have beautiful hair! Mine is having a bad hair year, can't do a thing with it.

Kasmira said...

I like your hair like this. Do you usually straighten it? Stop! :)

Hillary said...

I really like your hair too. Great outfit. Stay warm!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks everyone!

The credit for my hair goes to Mother Nature -- a gust of wind hit me right as the photo was being taken, lol :)

My hair is actually a bit wavier than I usually wear it, someday I'll let it go kinky and post a pic (um, my hair, that is!)


Sheila said...

Your hair looks gorgeous like this! I love the layers in this outfit.