Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three strikes they're out!

These are three photos of what I thought were BAD outfits. The minute I uploaded each one of these pix I decided not to post them and changed clothes. Brave soul that I am, I've decided to share them anyway...mainly because I didn't have a new picture today, lol, but also to share my mistakes...that's part of the journey, after all.

Here's a great example of why taking pix can be a beneficial tool in discovering how things really look. Mirrors can be deceiving. This sherbet colored cardigan added way too much bulk and the color combo was a little off on me. I felt frumpy & top heavy :(

And this is why I don't wear hats.

Actually, that's not the worst part, although it's not good, either.

Look at the darting on the jacket -- there's some sort of weirdness that makes it look like my breasts are oddly situated and hanging a bit lower than they are (trust me, between breastfeeding, huge weight loss & simple gravity I don't need the girls looking any lower than they actually are, thank you very much!)

Ok, this last outfit doesn't look too bad, especially since it was only my second adventure in tucking a blouse in. Granted, I'm not crazy about the tights, but that's no big deal.

What was the problem? It was totally impractical to wear unless I planned on standing up the entire time I was in it. Sitting or moving much at all caused things to become twisted or untucked, belts moved in unflattering ways -- just not a real world ensemble.

But DH liked taking the picture ;)

Ok, that's enough bad outfit photos for one post, wouldn't you say? See ya tomorrow with something better (she said hopefully)!


sallymandy said...

I don't know Kayleigh, maybe you see something not evident in the pictures, but I really like the second one. I also like the third although I understand completely about the impracticality. It doesn't matte if it looks great, if you can't wear it. I like #2. None of them are BAD--including #1.


Jane said...

Posting outfits is never wasted - I learn something all the time even when they don't work out.

Sal said...

OK the first one isn't my favorite, but it's far from appalling. And the other two? Methinks you might be a little too critical - you look fab in both!

Tho I do hear you about the blouse/belt deal ... that can be a doozy.

Jean said...

I really like the second outfit, it suits you. The bottom outfit is also good, but I can understand how it could have been uncomfortable to wear all day. I can't do uncomfortable clothes anymore, no matter how good they look!

Trace said...

I definitely hear you on the blouse/belt issue - I wore a similar outfit last week and was so bunchy and unfortable ALL day. Uggggh I am not good at wearing belts. Anyway I enjoyed this post and actually quite like all 3 outfits.

marmielu said...

Hi! I've been sort of just watching for a bit, but thought I'd add my two cents here.

I think maybe you were having "one of those days" because outside of the first ensemble, I think the others are attractive. Well, ok, I'm not crazy about the tights in the last one. I think black would have been better, but that outfit is really my favorite on you.

I hope you keep playing.

Kayleigh said...

Wow, thanks all!

Sallymandy, thanks so much :) It's funny, when I read your comment it was here alone, so I thought, well, isn't she sweet, but clearly she is mistaken or just being nice -- well, clearly *I* am nutz because sooooo many people essentially agreed with you, lol!! Just goes to show you :D

Jane, you are soooo absolutely right, I couldn't agree more. I am even glad about the outfit photos I wouldn't ever dream of posting because they teach me almost more than the good ones :)

Sal, aw, thanks :) And yes, the blouse and belt thing is a real bummer, because the outfit itself isn't bad, in fact, DH loved it!

notSupermum -- thank you! And you know, that second outfit itself wasn't bad, just that weird darting by the "girls" (can't we call them women at our age, lol?) Anyway, I just might take it to a tailor one of these days and get them nipped -- the jacket, not the boobs ;)

Trace, thanks :) Oh don't you just hate an umcomfy outfit? Even if it looks good you're all wiggly and awkward wondering if it's all in the right place. Totally not worth it.

marmielu, hi, thanks for commenting -- I'm so glad you did :) Yes, black tights would have been a MUCH better choice, totally agree...the electric blue was a bit distracting, lol, huh? I stopped by your blog to take a quick peek and it's wonderful, I'll definitely be going back!

Thanks again everyone, it really does illustrate beautifully how valuable another pair of eyes can be (or half a dozen!)

Unknown said...

I think outfit #3 is seriously fabulous! Wish I could wear wide belts like that. But it's very avant-garde and NYC-ish.

Sheila said...

This is why I always post my outfits, even when I don't like them - it gives you some objectivity in critiquing your look, and you also get to hear what everyone else things.

I'm kinda with you on the first one, but the 2nd is just fine, and yowza! You look amazing in that last one! Holy moly, girl, you've been hiding that teeny waist!

But, I totally understand about the whole belt and waist thing. My secret: let the bottom of the shirt hang out under the belt. It will take care of the skirt waistband and you don't have to worry about the blouse popping out. Those wide belts can be very challenging...but good for posture!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Anchibride & Sheila!

It does look NYC, doesn't it? I would totally wear it there, if I weren't going to be sitting down much or bringing my kids (bending over a gazillion times, etc)

Sheila, I'll have to try leaving the blouse out, that's a great idea! Not sure it would work with this skirt, there's some darting...but I have another one that I think it would work perfectly with, thanks for the tip :)

Thanks again you two!