Monday, March 23, 2009

Made with love

So, today I have a bunch of errands and an appointment, no time to snap a pic -- but I planned ahead, Virgo that I am, and whilst I wore my kinky doo on Thursday I also took a second photo.

This is a new top from Kohls, I have it in green and liked the cut so decided to try another one, but I'm not sure about the pastel color. I kinda like it, tho it could be a little washed out...opinions?

The necklace is REALLY, REALLY daughter made it when she was barely four years old. DH took her to a specialty bead shop and she picked out every single bead herself, strung it together exactly the way she wanted it and then all the shop keeper did was put on the clasp. I adored my husband for thinking of the idea and was tickled by the image of him walking around the store with her while DD chose each and every bead she wanted, a long process to be sure. And the look of pride on her face when she presented it to me, a real necklace made by her, well, it is my most treasured piece of jewelry.

Have a great day everyone, see ya tomorrow!


Sal said...

Oh those curls! Stop by my recent post and tell us your routine, will you, beautiful?

Jean said...

Aww, what a lovely keepsake from your daughter. I have some homemade jewellery from my girls and it takes pride of place along with all the other pieces.

Sheila said...

What a lovely gift! And so sweet that you wear it.

I LOVE your hair like this!

La Belette Rouge said...

The necklace is dear and I love that you treasure it so.
I too love the hair.

Mervat said...

The necklace is so sweet. She will be so proud to know that you had it here for all the world to see and admire! I absolutely love your hair like this.

Unknown said...

What an *adorable* gift! I think she's definitely got your style and artistic genes! :o)

Fab outfit too ... did you get those sandals from Target? I saw green wedges there that were the same color.

Trace said...

I really like the color of the top! Very spring-ish and reminds me of Easter!

That is the sweetest story about your necklace. Your daughter has great taste already too!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much everyone! I read DD some of your lovely comments and she was positively beaming :D

Sal, thanks -- and I left a comment @ your blog...that piece you did was FAB; so glad to know I'm not the only one w/a laborious process for acheiving maximum curl, lol!

notSupermum, thanks you...and I just knew your jewelery box would also contain treasures like mine does...we are blessed :)

Sheila -- thank you, I do wear it sometimes and I've actually gotten quiet a few compliments on it (always tickles DD). Ah yes, the kinky hair, a little more of the old rocker chick style, knew you'd like it ;)

La Belette, aren't you sweet! Thank you, I do treasure it. And thanks for the hair compliment too, gosh, I really, *really* am going to have to wear it that way more often, lol!

Mervat, thanks, she really was thrilled to see it on the blog, very pleased and kept coming back to look at it all day. Thanks for the hair comment, too :D

Anchibride, thanks...she really is quite the little artist. Actually, I can barely take any credit, my DH is very artistic. He's more visual and I'm more verbal...well...except for clothes, lol. Oh, and yes, I did get the sandals at Target -- and they come in a tan sort of mustardy color too.

Trace -- thanks! DD is a lover of beautiful things but at 7 the fashion bug hasn't bitten her...yet anyway. She's still happy to have me pick out her clothes, tho she does have a strong penchant for all things pink. Yes, the top reminds me of Easter don't think it's too Easter Egg like, do you?

Thanks so much again everyone!!!!!