Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One Skirt Three Ways Challenge: Day 1

Well, that gorgeous and stylish Jane from the clever blog WorkThatWardrobe has done it again. She's come up with yet another innovative challenge idea -- namely the One Skirt Three Ways Challenge. Essentially you wear one skirt three different ways on three consecutive days. I thought this was another brilliant concept and am really looking forward to trying this.

So, the skirt I chose is this navy Merona Chino mini skirt from Target. I bought it recently with an eye towards summer, thinking this would be an easy piece to wear with t-shirts or blouses for those steamy hot days. I must admit, I was a little hesitant to go for a mini at my ripe old age, but it's not as short as I thought it would be and as casual wear during the warm months, and then with colored tights in the cold ones, it still looks age appropriate, IMO.

Speaking of cold months, today it is cold & damp, in the low 40's, so I'm wearing it winter style with tights, brown boots, and my purple peplum sweater. Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and warm in the mid to high sixties, so this works in my favor to show the versatility of this piece (nice when the weather cooperates, lol).

Have a great day everyone!


Sal said...

Ripe? I think not. And I LOVE you in this mini! What a fun choice for your three-day skirt challenge.

Jane said...

Wow! I have never seen you in a short skirt before but it looks fantastic on you - especially with the colour. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Trace said...

What a fun choice for the challenge! The skirt looks gorgeous on you and I love the style - totally versatile! Can't wait to see the rest of your looks with it!

Kayleigh said...

Aww, thanks everyone!

It felt a bit weird at first, like I'd forgotten all the little things about mini skirts...how to get in and out of a car, pick something up off the floor, lol, you know. But I guess it's like riding a bike -- it comes back to you :)

Sheila said...

Yup, keep those knees together!

You look great, Kayleigh! I love the purple tights.

Kayleigh said...

LOL, thanks Sheila :D