Thursday, January 8, 2009


No outfit pic today -- staying in due to icky weather. Instead I thought I'd show you some of my goodies ;)

I've been thinking I really should take more close-ups of my accessories; Sheila at Ephemera comes immediately to mind -- she always does such a great job of showing all the beautiful details of her outfits & accessories. So with that as my inspiration, here's a few pix of some jewelry I recently acquired.

The lovely butterfly brooch was from my children for Winter Solstice (particularly my 7yo daughter because she & I share a special affinity for butterflies)...and it came from Target.

The beautiful locket is from my DH for our 15th wedding anniversary :) It came from the Etsy shop TimelessTrinkets and is a vintage locket with a Czech art glass button depicting 3 butterflies (I like to think of them as my DH, DD, & DS) I was very touched that he bought it, since we said no gifts (sneaky guy!)

The faux pearl brooch also came from Target and isn't exactly new. But several commentors have wished they could see it closer up, so I am FINALLY obliging. I wear this pin alot, it just seems to go with everything and makes a great cardigan clip of sorts -- like I very recently wore it here.

And the last photo below is my recent haul from Etsy. It was a destash sale from the shop WILDTHYMEBOUTIQUE. Some of the pieces just need a little TLC, like a new pin back or jump ring. Other pieces I can use to create new items out of -- like perhaps for Kasmira's "Make Your Own Brooch" Challenge over at What I Wore Today.

Hope everyone has a great day today, see ya w/an outfit pic tomorrow!


Sal said...

Ooooh, lovely bits, all! And great tip on a destash goldmine. I've been assembling pieces for a necklace made from brooches ... will have to see what wildthyme has for me.

Goober said...

Such pretty accessories. The kinds of things I only look at and never buy. Now I really want to buy! :)

Katie Keisler said...

Oooooo! LOVE these accessories! Also, LOVe your blog! I have added it to my list of "faves"... I blog my daily wear too!


La Belette Rouge said...

All these lovely bits of light ought to keep your spirits bright through the winter doldrums.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

these are all very nice brooches. Lately I have been hanging some of mine by chains and wearing them as chunky necklaces.

Erica said...

That necklace is beautiful! What lovely taste your hubby has. :)

Jane said...

I love the stories behind each piece even more than the lovely items.

Trace said...

Wow great collection of goodies! I especially love that locket from your hubby, it is beautiful. Isn't Etsy awesome?!!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks everyone!

Sal, ooooh, your necklace sounds lovely -- I hope you post pix of it when you finish! I love tinkering with jewelrey :)

Goober, thank you -- and you most certainly SHOULD buy things like this if you like them! Besides, they are relatively inexpensive...I got that whole stash for under 30 bucks :)

Katie -- welcome & thank you! And I checked out your blog too....just how cute are you? :D Will be adding you to my blog list ASAP!

Le Belette -- :D thanks, and what a lovely way to put it, honestly, you really do have such a great way with words!

Tessa, thank you -- and what a great idea. You got me thinking I could add a jump ring to some of my pins to make it easier to hang -- very cool :)

Erica -- thanks so much! I have always been lucky, DH really does pick out great jewelry for me, be it costume or otherwise. Even my engagment ring was absolutely JUST what I wanted and he picked it out completely on his own.

Jane...awww, me too, thanks :) I also like to imagine the stories behind older pieces that I've gotten. I think because my late grandmother was an antiques dealer I've always appreciated vintage things :)

Trace -- thanks, and I know your DH has good taste too, I remember the purse he got you for the holidays -- aren't we a lucky pair :) You know, I'm new to Etsy but I am totally smitten....what a great shopping experience, you are so right.

Thanks again everyone!!!

Hillary said...

So many pretty things. I love the little stories each one has. It really makes each one more special. Thanks for sharing

Sheila said...

Oh, I'm so happy to see close-ups of all of your lovely items! The locket and the Etsy stuff are really cool.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Hillary! I'm like you, too, I love the stories behind people's posessions, the personal meanings and all that :)

Kayleigh said...

Thank you Sheila :) I took a lesson from you -- I should really try to do it more often (and will).

Yeah, I was very touched when DH got me the locket, we'd decided no gifts and yet he said he just couldn't let it go by without giving me a little was very sweet of him. He's a keeper :)

Anonymous said...

I love your loot! How fun! I just discovered Etsy and LOVE it. But there is too much to look at in one sitting! I also love the gifts from your family. The necklace from DH is amazing!!!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Karen! I know what you mean about Etsy...I could go nuts shopping there. I keep thinking of my late grandmother and how much she would have loved something like that (she was an antique's dealer).

Yes, I'm very lucky to have the family I do :)

Thanks again!