Monday, January 5, 2009

Gray pleated sweater skirt

I just got this new sweater skirt from -- ok, where else -- Target!

Normally I stay away from sweater skirts or dresses...not enough structure for my figure. And I certainly don't usually choose garments with pleats -- they aren't typically flattering on me. This skirt encompasses both, and yet I love it so :)

For one thing, this gray is the perfect shade to be a super neutral in my wardrobe. For another, the vertical lines of the slight pleating actually seem to add length to my silohuette. And best of all -- it's ultra comfy! Seriously, this may now be the most comfortable skirt I own. Oh, and it's kinda warm, too, a definite winter plus.

I actually found the predecessor to this skirt on the clearance rack -- in a size too big. But I came home and ordered this one online.

The argyle vest & peplum cable knit sweater are both from NY&Co. The brown boots are from Target as well as the deep purple clutch.

The now vintage chains belonged to my mom in the '60's, the charm bracelet was from a discount store.

Hope everyone had a great first weekend of 2009!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is really flattering on you. Great find!

Jean said...

Love the skirt, and those plummy colours are just perfect on you. I'm with you on the clothes being ultra comfy, sometimes thats what you need and it's a big plus if they look smart too.

Hope you enjoyed your first 2009weekend too. x

La Belette Rouge said...

You look super chic in this and you look like you feel chic and fab in it too, which is great.

Trace said...

Ooooo the skirt looks great, very comfortable, and warm! I have a sweater skirt from Target from 2 years ago that I still wear, so fun for winter. Lovin' the purple!

Sal said...

Isn't it funny how some styles that normally fall flat sometimes flatter? Just goes to show it totally depends on the garment. LOVE those chains, too, lady.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks all!

Spiragirl, thank you! I guess it really does pay to try things that you usually pass by :)

notSupermum -- thanks! And I recall you look good in those same colors, too :) I couldn't agree more on the comfort issue...the older I get the more I refuse to compromise on clothes that look good AND feel good.

Le Belette Rouge, thank you...and I guess I really did feel pretty fab in the outfit, thanks for noticing :)

Trace, thanks so much :) I haven't owned sweater skirts in forever and you are SOOO right, they are fun for winter (just ordered the same skirt in ebony, lol, multiple queen that I am!)

Sal, thank you! You totally pegged it, it really does depend on the individual garment which just goes to show you it really is worth trying all kinds of things on. I think the trick is not to get discouraged when things don't work -- and to remember, if it's unflattering it's not YOU, it's the garment, don't take it personally. Of course, it's only taken me about 45 years to figure that out, lol!

Thanks again everyone!!!!!