Thursday, January 22, 2009

Layered chocolate

Gee, the post title makes me sound like a cake :)

I'm actually referring to the fact that I am wearing multiple layers of chocolaty colors -- even right down to the unseen long johns, my now trademark Cuddl Duds.

The short-sleeved, chocolate brown sweater is Simply Vera, Vera Wang for Kohls. I adore the color and the faux layered look but the cut is a little boxy -- I probably wouldn't purchase it if buying now. I've learned so much while doing this blog about what shapes are most flattering to my body that I'm a bit more picky about that. However, under a nicely cut cardigan it looks totally fine so it will still get some use.

Speaking of the cardi, I also wore it on Friday. I really do consider this one of my favorite go-to pieces, especially when I don't even have time to think (like today!) Incidentally, it's from JC Penny and on sale now for $14.99 if anyone is interested. It comes in 3 other colors, too, just FYI.

The jeans are my VERY oft worn Ralph Lauren. The brown short boots are What's What by Aerosoles Embrace. They have a chunky heel so are great on potential slippery days when you want safety without sacrificing at least a little height. Perhaps not the most fashion forward footwear, but they are uber comfy and being nondesript aren't a major outfit detraction, either.

The wooden beaded necklaces are interesting -- both sets are African, the larger one was purchased in a museum shop, the smaller set was actually found years later by my DH in an abandoned office. I know their origin because both had detailed tags which I did save, but cannot seem to find for this writing.

Good gosh, for a woman w/no time I sure went into alot of detail about my simple little ensemble today, lol! Oh well...have a wonderful day everybody!


Sal said...

Love those layered necklaces!

Shallow Coffee said...

Mmmmm... cake.

I love the layering of different shades of brown with the cardigan to polish it off, it looks very elegant.

Shallow Coffee said...

oh, and I tagged you - come see!

Jean said...

Lovely rich colours and they suit your colouring so well. It's a very elegant look too.

Trace said...

Wow beautiful necklaces K, so special and unique too. You look gorgeous in brown!

Jane said...

I love the stories behind clothes - keep on going!

Cathryn said...

Ooh, nice mix of black and brown. Very daring.