Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meltdown & family history

The nice thing about sleeting ice storms is that if the weather warms up just a tad then it turns to rain & the slushy mush melts away....meaning no snow on my deck! Thus the shoes :) In fact, this was taken earlier and now the sun is shining and there's barely even a trace of snow left.

These are all pieces I've worn before and some of my faves. I love the argyle sweater vest and the green pin tuck blouse together, both of which are from NY&Co. The camisole is from a discount store -- I think?

The denim pencil skirt is Old navy and the tights are Target. The plum Maryjane's are secondhand. The pendant is a trinket from my late paternal grandmother. I put it on the chain it hangs from now, tho. (sorry, no close-up, the pic didn't take, darn it!)

This grandmother, called "Me-Me" by us, was an antiques, vintage & collectibles dealer. Throughout her career she did flea markets, auctions & antique shows, as well as appointments...and also had a permanent booth in one of those antique malls in South Jersey. Mind you, all of this took place after my grandfather died -- she began this venture in her 60's and worked well into her 80's, nearly right up until her death. Talk about reinventing yourself!

She dealt mostly, but not exclusively, with furniture, china & glass, lugging it around in a giant van packed full to the roof, going off every weekend hither and yon to the various shows. People marveled at her fortitude, to say the least, lol. This was no delicate "little old lady" -- she could be tough and often lacked tact, usually saying whatever was on her mind. Me-Me was shrewd and no nonsense, always looking for a bargain. But she had a good heart and people respected her.

I'd like to think she'd enjoy this blog and seeing some of her jewelry every now & then. No doubt she'd have plenty to say about my outfits, lol, and not all of it flattering. But I think over all she'd be totally tickled with the idea of me reinventing & rediscovering myself. Yup, Me-Me would approve :)

Have a great day -- see ya tomorrow!


Cassie said...

That pendant is beautiful! I love vintage and antique jewelry, they have a story or a background, just can't beat that!

Sal said...

Awww, I'm certain that if Me-Me could see you now, she'd be so proud.

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing that story - she sounds like a real character!

Cathryn said...

I love the violet Mary Janes and I LOVE your grandmother's pendant. I recently received some of my Great-Grandmother's jewelry, and I cherish every bit of it.

I've set a new wardrobe challenge on my blog. It's the Michelle Obama Challenge. I hope you'll join us!

Jean said...

Me-Me sounds like a lot of fun. I love hearing about family characters and their idiosyncrises - it's so interesting. Thanks for the story.

Anonymous said...

Hi, It's great to see someone wearing their nana's pendant. I have a lovely Edwardian bracelet fom mine that came to me via my mother - she was the oldest daughter of three daughters and I'm the oldest grand-daughter of three grand-daughter.

I've been buying and selling antique and second hand jewellery in the UK (with husband) or 20 yrs now. I like to think our customers are starting their own tradition and I love being a small part of that. Our UK period dramas are good for antique jewellery watchers - see if you can get Larkrise to Candleford on the BBC; the women wear lovely earrings and brooches.

Bye for now

Trace said...

This is such a sweet post. I really enjoyed hearing about your grandmother. What an interesting life - antiques are so intriguing to me! And you look great here - very tall and slender!