Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold? Ha, I laugh at the cold!

Well, maybe laugh is a bit strong...I chuckle -- yes, I chuckle at the cold. No? Ok then...perhaps smile slightly would be more apt because my lips are darn near frozen stiff -- yup, it is pretty cold out there, I must admit.

But I'm warmer than I might look thanks to what you don't see of my outfit -- the camisole and long johns underneath. They are Cuddl Duds and I can't say enough good things about them...they are warm but feel light and fit really well -- no bunching, no bulk. I don't know how I made it thru winter before without them. (thanx to DH, they were a warm-hearted gift, pun intended)

The black ones even make a really great replacement for tights if you're wearing boots, as I wore them here & here.

But as to the outfit -- the cardigan is from JC Penny and I love, love, love it for it's shape -- it does the work of a structured jacket but is way more comfy, IMO. The shirt is also JC Penny. The tie is supposed to be around the neck but that seemed too prim so it became an improvised belt instead.

The pants are my INC black velvets -- yes those magical skinny jeans that somehow just work for me. I've got them tucked into my brown slouchy boots from Target...a new favorite look. In fact, I wore the lower half of this outfit just two weeks ago.

The brooch on the sweater is from Target. The necklace is vintage, belonging to my mom...though I put it on the black chord. And look, another jewelry close-up!

Stay warm everyone and have a great weekend!


Sal said...

A fantastically flattering outfit, lady! Love it all. And admire your dedication to natural lighting ... you must be frozen through and through. Even with the Cuddl Duds

Jean said...

Looking good Kayleigh! Have a great weekend x

*Diane* said...

Love the outfit! I need to invest in Cuddl Duds. And i'm w/ Sal, your dedication to natural lighting is very admirable. You're braving the snow, i only have to brave fierce winds :-D

WendyB said...

Is there rutilated quartz in that necklace? Pretty!

Sheila said...

I sneer at the cold, haha!

You look great - love the necklace!

Trace said...

Great rec on the Cuddle Duds - I have an old pair myself (cream-colored) and really love them. Fabulous outfit - love love those boots, and of course, the skinnies. You look great!!