Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A casual, comfy, cold confession

Ok, really it's not so much a confession as an explanation, but the word 'explanation' didn't fit my alliteration (tho that did just sort of rhyme!)

Anyway.....I didn't wear the outfit in yesterday's photo. It was mostly an experiment. And I admit that I wasn't 100% confident in the ensemble, tho I do think it has major potential. Plus it didn't meet the needs of my day.

This outfit is what I actually wore. I needed tried & true, comfy & casual plus warm. This fit the bill and was colorful to boot :) Underneath it all? Yup, my warm Cuddl Duds are keeping me toasty per usual!

The sweater is Chaps from Kohls and yes, I have it in another color (more confessions, lol). The jeans are Ralph Lauren, the brown short boots are my practical & sure-footed Aerosoles , which I've blogged about before.

The scarf came from one of those "girl" stores in the mall -- you know the ones, all pink & sparkly with Hannah Montana plastered all over everything. My 7yo DD isn't into any of that, but she does deeply love pink. So when I spotted a pair of fuschia snow boots in the window I ventured inside to look around. She got the boots and I picked up this scarf for myself.

We're having a snowy & sleety mess of a day so I'm staying in -- see ya tomorrow!


Sal said...

I just LOVE how many truly bright, vibrant colors you utilize. And regularly! Such a breath of fresh air.

Shallow Coffee said...

Love the look of the scarf and sweater together! I, too, love Aerosoles boots. I've had my two pairs for about three years now and they still look/feel as fabulous as when I first got them.

Jean said...

That's such a smart yet casual look, it's the sort of thing I wear time and time again. And you're wearing my favourite colour green.

Trace said...

Super warm and cozy, and so chic with the addition of the scarf!