Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow White

The ice melted, but it's actually snowed since the photo was taken yesterday evening. Still, it was nice while it lasted :)

Typically, I don't wear white. While the color is off a bit in the photo, and the snow in the background doesn't help, white is not really flattering for my complexion. But truthfully I didn't care, I just felt like donning this crisp button down shirt and a menswear inspired vest for the evening yesterday. Besides, I think one can get away with less than their perfect shades if it's going to be worn in darker places like restaurants, bars, parties, or even just night time in general.

And regardless, I do think this outfit is a keeper, tho I would change out the shirt for another with a better color...or add a scarf, maybe a large necklace...something.

The shirt is from Macy's, the vest from Kohls, the skirt is Old Navy and the boots are secondhand Franco Sarto. The pin is from Target, as well as the bracelet -- oh, and the tights, too :)

No pic Monday (thus the posting tonight) -- but see ya Tuesday like always...hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jane said...

That brooch really raises the outfit's game a notch or too.
I don't wear white shirts as often as the style gurus tell us we should.

Trace said...

I agree with Jane - the brooch really adds something great to the outfit! And menswear is supposed to be so in right now! Great look K.

Sal said...

I third the motion! Love the brooch, and think it adds just the right touch.

Shallow Coffee said...

I love the brooch. If you wanted to add something else I would go for a scarf. A necklace, in my opinion, would detract from the brooch and turn into jewelry overkill.

I don't own a white button down shirt. Huh, I don't own any button down shirts. I think I look funny in them.

Sheila said...

I don't like white shirts, myself. They're just too dull for my taste.

I'll add my love for the brooch in this outfit, but I think I would have slid it down to under the bust instead of right at the bust, just to draw more attention to your waist.

*Diane* said...

I like it! you know i have a special place in my heart for button down shirts! And i think if you wanted to add something else, i would suggest a bold pair of would frame your face against the collared shirt.

Kayleigh said...

Thanx all!

Jane, thank you -- and it's funny you mentioned "style gurus", for that's probably realy the only reason I own a white shirt, lol.

Thanks Trace :) You know, I keep hearing menswear is in now too and I've seen other women pull it off. I bought the vest a while ago kinda w/that in mind but this was my first attempt.

Sal, thank you -- and three's the charm, I'm so glad you all like my brooch so much! Come to think of it, I guess it would probably be rather a severe outfit w/out a little femininity added :)

Thanks Kristen -- and you know, I think you're right, a necklace could be a bit much. I got 2 or 3 button down shirts only in the last year or so...I used to think they looked funny on me too, like too serious or something.

Sheila, thank you -- you know, I'll have to try that, it never occured to me to place the pin lower, like around where I'd wear a cardigan clip, right? Makes sense, thanks :)

Thanks Lady D! Hey, that's a great idea, earrings to add color. I could try a metalic or even a navy w/this outfit, both look better against my skin than the black & white -- you are clever :)

Thank you again everyone!

Erica said...

I agree with Lady D about the earrings--I think a scarf or necklace would detract from the great brooch.

That said, I love how you added the brooch instead of buttoning the vest...I like the resultant open feel of the vest with the structure of the shirt.