Monday, January 26, 2009

Blue printed dress - revisited

I've worn this dress from Chadwick's twice -- and not been all that happy about how the outfit turned out each time. See for yourself: here & here.

Sometimes we need expand our view and step back from our style choices to get a different perspective of a particular garment. This was one of those times for me. I saw the blues in this dress and originally just thought blue cardi or jacket to go with it. Although I did use brown for the accessories, for whatever reason I felt compelled to repeat or pick up the blues in the other layers I chose.

But since the brown boots worked so well, and since I really hated both sweaters with it the other times I wore it, I decided to go for my tried & true brown cardigan and see what happened. It worked MUCH better and this is the best incarnation of the outfit yet, IMO -- don't you think so?

The beaded necklaces & bracelets are from a dollar store, the brown boots are Target. The cardigan is Paul Richards from Macy's and the belt was thrifted. The ring was actually a quarter at a local garage sale.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Sal said...

Totally perfect. Aren't you glad you didn't chuck the dress?

Jean said...

The blues really suit you, and the dress is great on you. I don't really wear a lot of blue, just not a colour I gravitate towards.

Jane said...

I agree the dress really does work now and the blues are lovely.

LindaLou said...

I've had the same thoughts for some of my outfits, but now I'm inspired to keep trying. I think you've hit on a great combination for this dress. I like the way the sweater's waist gives you a waistline right at the belt (which is great, too). And if I haven't said it before: great deal for the necklaces at the Dollar Store, they look fab w/this outfit.

Trace said...

I love blue and brown together, one of my fav color combinations, both for outifts, and interior design! You have fab jewelry as always. Such great finds! I love that ring.