Friday, January 2, 2009

Something to hide

Hey, it's the first outfit photo of the new year!

The striped cardigan & blue pin tuck blouse are both from NY&C0. The scarf, pin, bracelet & black short boots are all from Target. The jeans are Ralph Lauren.

I was thinking about the lovely Trace's recent post over at Style Klutz , regarding how one approaches outfit choices if they've gained a few pounds this holiday season. I totally loved her rockin' party outfit and how she put it together -- she looked elegant and not like she was trying to hide anything (not that she needed to anyway!)

So I guess you could say this ensemble is my version of a casual approach to "what to wear when hiding extra holiday pounds".

I'll be outdoors a bit and therefore actually have 4 layers on (long johns & cami underneath) yet don't think I look bulked up at all, despite having gained at least 5 lbs this last couple weeks. My clothes are totally comfy, too, because they are all loose and lightweight fabrics.

The pin cinching the cardi closed offers some semblance of shape while not being constricting. The darkness of the jeans, and the fact they are not a particularly form fitting cut, also helps. I think wearing your best colors helps too, and this shade of blue is one of mine (tho hard to tell in the photo since I'm standing in the shade).

Anyway, here's to shedding those extra little pounds that were totally worth the enjoyment of putting on, and here's to the first official weekend of the new year as a great chance to get out there and get moving to help speed up the process -- enjoy!!!!


V said...

This looks great on you!

Goober said...

Love the color combo.

Trace said...

Awww thanks for the shout-out K!! I'm taking notes - your outfit today is a killer example of how to flatter a figure - dark jeans, shapely jacket, beautiful colors. And I agree - as much as I HATE it, I will admit these extra pounds WERE worth the enjoyment. Yep! =) Thanks for being so sweet, and this is a great post!

Happy New Year!!!

*Diane* said...

Great colors! I'm taking notes hard because i'm a bit at a loss for dressing in the thick of winter, which(don't laugh) i just learned is around the corner. I've always thought the worst of it came and went before x-mas

Hillary said...

og yes, I am with you on trying to hide it. This is a great look. Love the combo and that scarf! Hope it wall warm enough!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks V....Thanks Goober!

Kayleigh said...

Trace -- you are totally MORE than welcome, in fact...thank YOU for inspiring yet another post (and outfit) on my blog by doing such fab & interesting stuff over at yours, lol :D

Kayleigh said...

Lady D, thanks! And I won't laugh, I promise (ok, maybe a giggle or smile!)....actually, my bro & his fam live down your way so I know it can get kinda cold come Jan & Feb. Stay warm!!!

Hillary, thank you....and yes it was actually very warm. I did wear a jacket, but not my parka -- just a light coat. With all the layers I was pretty toasty :)

Thanks again everyone!

Sheila said...

You look great in this, K - and may I say, your hair looks really good (I always click on the photo to blow it up and take a good look).

Those jeans are killer!

I was dreading going to my first Weight Watchers meeting today in 3 weeks...but I lost a pound! Crazy. But I have been walking everywhere and trying not to eat (too much) cheese and chocolate. And wine.

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh, I'm glad you realize that just because you gained five pounds doesn't mean you have to dress shaplessly to hide them! I love that you "got it" about the cardigan pin to give yourself a feminine shape.

While you're dieting, make sure and shave your legs and lotion up everyday, and wear perfume to make yourself feel like a hundred bucks! That's what I do on a "plump" day when my waistband is tight!

Cathryn said...

You're right, that shade of blue IS your color. Those shades look great on you. They complement your red hair nicely. The broach provides a nice sparkly highlight. I wish I could see the broach up close.