Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Black & blue

The irony of this post title is that not only am I wearing those colors, but I am also black & blue from taking a little tumble -- no, not on the ice as in Friday's photo antics. Nope, it was safely indoors in my own kitchen by simply walking across the floor, lol. Talk about klutzy (bet that even beats my friend Trace!)

The royal blue sweater is Chaps from Kohls . I have a thing for cable knit or patterned sweaters. As long as they fit and the pattern doesn't go all wonky, the texture adds interest to an otherwise plain solid color, not to mention they are an enduring classic that has been worked into nearly any style preference from preppy to punk, IMO.

The black, open-front cardigan is NY&Co and tho not really visible has sparkly flecks. I also have the striped one that's available still.

The heart shaped pin is from Sears and was $1.99! The necklace was a recent holiday gift from my mother. (I apologise for the lack of close-ups -- I'll have to add them another time; promise.)

The jeans are my good old boot-cut Ralph Laurens in the Nolita wash. The black boots are Merona Kenna from Target.

Hope everyone has a great, skid-free day :D


Goober said...

Love using the pin to hold the sweater - so cute.

Sorry to hear about your kitchen tumble - hope you're ok!

Sal said...

Oooh, I love black with bright, vibrant blues. Great combo, lady.

Jean said...

The blue is gorgeous - such a vibrant colour.

I feel for you after your fall - I've had two major falls in the last 18 months, once on ice and the second time when I fell into the road. Both times I was badly injured, first time fractured my shin, second time fractured my ribs. I've been very nervous during the recent icy period we've had here - if I had your weather I'd be staying indoors! Mind you, that's where you got injured!

La Belette Rouge said...

Sorry to hear you are black and blue underneath. Happily you look great in black and blue. The pin closure is a cute idea.

Hillary said...

Awww sorry to hear about the bumps and bruises, but you do look great in this outfit. I love hoe the blue pops. It must have ben a blue day. I for the same color.

Trace said...

Sorry to hear about the bumps and bruises K! LOL klutzes unite! Last week I slipped going down the stairs one morning right after I had gotten up. It made a huge thud which woke up my husband! Embarassing! Anyway I love that blue color and the pin. You look great today and warm!

Kayleigh said...

Thank you so much everyone :D

Goober -- thanks! I keep hearing that Michelle Obama pinned her cardi but can't find a pic. Not that I claim to be originally inventive tho...I know I saw it done somewhere and thought "how clever!"...but I just can't remember where :)

Sal -- thank you! I think I love almost any thing with this blue, I've really been drawn to it lately :)

notSupermum, thanks...but OMG, how awful that you were so injured! My little tumble only left a bruise, no biggie...yours was much more serious. I'm glad you are ok in the end, but I don't blame you being nervous, I would be too. It IS pretty funny that my fall was on the safe, dry, relatively smooth kitchen floor. But we should all be extra careful when out in the ice & snow :)

Le Belette Rouge -- thank you so much! Ah yes, I do manage to cover my pain well (said w/as much dramatic flair as I can muster, lol!)

Hillary -- thanks, and WOW, your blue really pops too! (http://tinyurl.com/7pxw8x)...I love how you paired it with that skirt -- and the ruffle on the bottom is really nice :)

Trace -- thank you! And yes, klutzes unite indeed! Isn't it awful, lol? I'm telling you, I am dangerous in the most benign of settings yet manage not to break my neck when there's really a potential for it. Oh, and yes, I was really warm...it's getting pretty darned cold out there as the winter progresses so layering is key!

Thanks again everyone!!!