Friday, April 3, 2009

Just in time

Egads, busy day, very late to get this posted!

Right after we snapped this photo the torrential downpours let loose -- and it's supposed to continue until late tomorrow. My timing was good, tho, because I managed to get to the market and back, AND lug in all the groceries first. Oh, and I got the mail, too. A perfect (and dry) trifecta :D

The blouse is from Kohls and I love, love, love the watery blue & green colors. The cardigan is from NY&Co, the jeans from Target and the plum Sofft Maryjanes are secondhand.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend replete with perfect timing!!!

PS: Busy day coming on Monday, might not get a picture up until Tuesday. See ya then :D


Chuck Dilmore said...

seeing as i'm one of the few male followers so far (which doesn't bother me, nor would categorizing me with the followers of canine persuasion), i hope that my voice gives credence to the purpose of your blog...

you have no worries.

that you are practical in the ways of style is worthy! but you already possess a certain style - it's evident! it's in your face and aura and writing!

and it's admired.

i'm pretty sure that this sentiment is echoed by others. and one day, ye shall know it. and one day ye shall feel content, ecstatic even!


Erica said...

I think I've said this before, but you look great in brights! I hit NY and Co today, and they had a bunch of bright lovely spring things in. :)

Also, thanks so much for the comment on my last post--it meant a lot to me that you think I am being brave and strong...sometimes I feel like that, sometimes I feel anything but...but thanks for your support! Hug. :)

*Diane* said...

you look really pretty in bright colors. Also, i wanted to congratulate you on your "1000 words a day blog" you're a beautiful writer. i def await your book :-)

La Belette Rouge said...

I so want a green cardigan. I looked at Jcrew, Gap and BR and nothing. Is it cotton? Does it stretch much?

Kayleigh said...

Thanks everyone!

Chuck, the more followers the merrier, male or otherwise. Thank you for your lovely words, I'm flattered :)

Erica -- thanks! Gosh, I so *need* to go to NY&co, it's been too long, you are tempting me, lol. Aww, you are very welcome, I really do admire your sense of self, it shows :)

:D Diane -- wow, thank you soooo much! That means ALOT to me!!!

La Belette...the cardi is that mysterious (at least to me) fabric known as 100% acrylic. It gives but retains its shape, which is good, and I have to say it feels almost as soft as cashmere. I'm still looking for a nice summer weight, cotton cardi in green -- if I find one you'll see it here for sure :)

Thanks again all!

Mervat said...

Hi Kayleigh!

I have tagged you on my writing blog. Please pick up if you don't mind!

Sheila said...

You look amazing in this shade of green!

Trace said...

I am definitely loving the bright colors too! And those cute Maryjanes. Glad you're getting some rain!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

Kayleigh said...

Mervat -- I'll be there ASAP, thanks :D

Sheila -- thank you, it is one of my FAVE colors!

Thanks so much Trace! So far so good :)