Sunday, April 19, 2009

On waiting

I discovered the first lump late at night on April 1st, the second & third lumps the next day. I was a little anxious, but yet I really did mostly believe it was nothing at that point. Still, I showed up on my doctor's doorstep when her office staff got there the next day, April 2nd, not even wanting to bother with the phone in order to get a prescription for a mammogram ASAP.

However "ASAP" is a relative term, medically speaking.

The soonest appointment for the mammogram (and subsequent ultrasound) that I could get was a week later. The rest, if you've been reading this blog, is history.

By the time this is over it will have taken 4 weeks, almost a month from discovering the lumps till getting the initial biopsy results. A month. A flippin' MONTH!!!

Time = torture.

No one, no woman should have to go thru this kind of waiting for an answer to a question like this. A week, maybe even 10 days to allow for a reasonable amount of bureaucracy...but this, this is beyond ridiculous. And the sad thing is I live in a metropolitan area and we have great medical coverage. I can only imagine what other women might go thru who don't have my advantages.

This is a crime.

I have no pithy ending for this little rant, no clever wisdom. I'm just really, really tired and really, really stressed and really, really want answers.

In the meantime, as if I have a choice, I am hanging on.

Will post on biopsy day, Wednesday, till then....


Jean said...

It's nothing short of scandalous that you are having to wait so long. I feel angry that you are having to go through this waiting which is adding to such a difficult time.

I'm sorry, I wish I could do something to help. Thinking of you x

sallymandy said...

My heart's right there with you K. I wish I could do something, too--like notSupermum. Know that you're not alone in being mad about this. xo

Jane said...

Still thinking of you and sending lots of good wishes across the

La Belette Rouge said...

I cannot imagine how slow time is moving for you. Really, at times like these I wish that there was a short term coma button we could push and we could just sleep until it was all over and we had the good news.
I am waiting for the day of the party. There will be a party. Hugs and love to you.xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh Kayleigh, I read all your posts about this and I hope you are okay and finding some peace. This waiting is horrible. I am so hopeful for you, so will pray hard for a good result.

Hillary said...

I can't believe you have to wait so long! I am sending you my best. I def have you in my thought. Take care Kayleigh.

Kayleigh said...

Thank you all so much! Yes, the waiting is interminable and I wish I had that coma button La Belette spoke of (invent it and you'll be a gazillionaire!)

I've gotten thru this by the skin of my teeth. Tomorrow is biopsy day, a "core needle biopsy" to be exact, then apparently I have to go back the next day to have the site checked, make sure it's healing okay, etc. From what I've heard this can all be somewhat painful but I've been so much more worried about the results that I have barely given it a second thought.

Anyway, will be putting up a post later. Just wanted to pop on and thank each of you for your loving support. My heart if overwhelmed with gratitude :)