Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yuletide Greetings on Winter Solstice!

Today is Winter Solstice, the first day of winter, and this is the holiday my family and I celebrate. While we do observe Christmas to a small extent, this is the BIG one, lol -- the day we exchange gifts, have a special family dinner and enjoy other festive traditions of the season.

The winter holidays all share many symbols & themes in common despite varied cultural ideas. Perhaps chief among these themes is hope...miraculous, abiding, blessed hope. And what better way to epitomize the gift of hope than with light, whether it be from a bright guiding star, an enduring flame's glow, or from the life-giving sun itself as it makes the journey thru the shortest day of the year and into the waiting arms of the longest return anew tomorrow, perhaps even a little brighter, lasting just a little longer day by day until the next Solstice in June when the cycle begins it has done since the beginning of time.

So whatever you celebrate and in whatever way, may your holiday season be brimming with hope -- shining, glorious, beaming HOPE.

Bright blessings & happiest of holidays to all!!!!

(See ya Tues, I'll still be celebrating on Mon)


Kasmira said...

Happy Solstice! This is my favorite day of the year...because the days just get longer from here on out! (Well, until the summer solstice, that is.)

Hillary said...

Thank you for sharing your holiday tradition with us. I've never celebrated Winter Solstice, but maybe it's because of where I live. I love learning new things. Happy Solstice to you and your family!

ohthatgirl said...

Happy holidays to you and your family, Kayleigh!

Trace said...

Happy Solstice to you and your family Kayleigh! Have an amazing holiday.

Sheila said...

Happy Solstice and a very happy Yule to you!

Here's to shorter nights and longer days!

La Belette Rouge said...

I love solstice. He-weasel and I had a little candle lighting in honour of the day. I love a holiday that doesn't require me to shop, cook or in any other way pull my hair out. Wishing you a solstice season filled with light and joy.xoxo

Kayleigh said...

Thanks everybody! We had a really lovely holiday.

Kasmira -- thanks! And while I love winter, eventually I get sick of it and can't wait for summer solstice, too :)

Hillary -- thank you...and I am like you, I love to learn things, love to hear about how & what people celebrate.

OhThatGirl -- thank you, and to yours as well!!

Thanx Trace! We really did have a great day. The kids loved their gifts...and my 2yo really "got it" this year so it was extra fun :)

Sheila, thank you, and a very happy Yuletide season to you, too!!!

La Belette -- LOL, you are too funny :D But for me this holiday does involve cooking...and shopping...and the ocassional pulling out of hair, lol. Tho this year went quite smoothly, so I should knock wood and keep my mouth shut :) Hoping your holidays are filled with happiness too!!!!

Thanks you again everyone....Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!

Jean said...

Happy winter solstice, how interesting that you celebrate that day in particular. I'm always fascinated by the different traditions and celebrations that go on in different families.

Best wishes for the new year. x

Kayleigh said...

Thanks notSupermum! I too am fascinated by the different ways various people celebrate fact that interest is how I "discovered" Winter Solstice about 20 years ago. We've been celebrating it ever since :)

Hope your holidays are Merry & Bright!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Solstice! Were you raised celebrating solstice Kayleigh? I am fascinated that the Winter Solstice has been celebrated by very, very ancient cultures at different places around the globe. The Solstice monuments in England and Ireland are especially mind-boggling. Are you Wiccan? I have only known one Wiccan family so far.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Karen!

No, I'm not Wiccan, nor Pagan -- tho I did study various Pagan theologies in my twenties. That's how I first "discovered" Winter Solstice. We've been celebrating it ever since, along with Summer Solstice and the two Equinoxes (spring & fall)

My family celebrated Christmas when I was growing up, albeit in a more secular manner for the most part.

I've been lucky to learn, experience and be influenced by many different cultures & traditions throughout my life and like you find it utterly fascinating.

Thanks again!