Tuesday, November 11, 2008

coveted: Coldwater Creek

I'm actually not that huge a fan of Coldwater Creek fashion over all...it's often a little too matronly, perhaps even too...what's the word I'm looking for? Western? In any event, however, every so often they have some really lovely things that keep me checking their catalogs...you know, just in case.

Truth be told I have absolutely NO where to wear a frock such as this lacey dark blue beauty, but it's sooooo pretty I just kinda want it -- and who knows, maybe if I did own the dress I'd have to find somewhere to wear it. Sort of the "buy it and the event will come" theory, huh?

Ok, I know...that's not how it works and I'll probably have to pass on the dress :(

But this shimmery copper number might be more practical to own...tho at first I thought it was a jacket and it's a blouse instead. Still, it could look cute w/jeans...maybe?

Well then, I am VERY tempted to at least buy the cardigan (have you not noticed yet, I have a thing for cardis?) It would definitely get use in my wardrobe repetoire enough to justify it's existence.
Ah well, tis the season soon enough and I've barely started my wish list. We'll just have to wait and see just how naughty or nice I've been to see what I get ;)


Trace said...

I've haven't shopped at Coldwater Creek before, but just checked out their site - love the fall stuff, makes me feel so warm and cozy!

That blue dress is beautiful, looks like it would be super flattering too. Great picks!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks trace! I am sooooo tempted to get it.

I always love fall & winter clothes so I know just what you mean about the Coldwater Creek stuff being cozy, too :)

Anonymous said...

is that copper top old, causr i camt find it on the coldwater creek website?