Saturday, November 1, 2008

Maiden Voyage

After perusing various fashion & style blogs I feel pretty confident that I can make a go of this, newbie or not. So I guess I should introduce myself and give a little background info.

The first thing that springs to mind when I'm compelled to tell even a small portion of my life story is to start with the fact that I'm a mom. Like many women who choose to be mothers, this defines my life. I make no apologies for that and believe whole-heartedly that it should. I have two amazing kids, a daughter aged 7 and a son aged 2. They are the light of my life, of course, but perhaps even more so since I suffered from years of infertility and some precarious pregnancy issues. I'll save that saga for another time, but suffice is to say they are extra precious miracles. I also am an "older" mom; I had my daughter at age 38 and my son at 43.

The next thing I should probably add is that I've lost around 130 lbs. I went from about a size 28 to a size 14 (ok, sometimes 16 but also sometimes a 12). I'm almost 5'7". Obviously this is also a huge defining factor in my life. Clothes are a pleasure to me now, but I emphatically believe they should have been all along. It's one of the things I want to continue to highlight in this blog -- any woman of any size can be stylish, and SHOULD be. It's really all a question of fit. This has been a revelation to me and the inspiration for this project.

And last but not least, I am happily married to the same man for 15 years...together for nearly 22. We live in a little house in northern NJ with our children. As I'm a SAHM we are on a budget, though frugality comes pretty naturally to us both. I believe in quality not quantity but even still, sometimes you just gotta shop cheap :)

Stay tuned, I'll be posting pix and other musings soon...


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