Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cardigans & shape

On most Sundays my mother comes and watches the children so DH and I can go out & about unfettered by kids. This is a HUGE treat and the only real alone time we actually get. So even tho most Sundays involve a simple trip to the mall, catching a flick or just out to eat at our local diner, I still usually like to put more thought into what I'm wearing.

Today, tho, I kept it very simple because the kids got up earlier than expected --and there went all my extra getting ready time. But you do get a nice shot of my front yard :)

I'm wearing all easy pieces: my favorite Croft&Barrow brown, striped button-down shirt from Kohls, a black east5th cardigan from JCPenny, dark wash Ralph Lauren jeans and black Merona Kenna boots from Target. The necklace is from Target, too, and the bag from a thrift shop. The barely visible bracelet was a splurge from Lord & Taylor ($22 on sale!)

A cardigan with a nice form can really compliment any blouse or dress, and while it adds another layer of interest to an outfit it seems a bit less formal than a structured jacket...more comfy too. I love the one I have on today -- it has a peplum effect which is very flattering, IMO. But even a less shapely cardigan can be given a more curvey silohuette simply by how you button it. For instance, you can do just the top button, like when I wore the blue printed dress. Doing the top button alone creates a sort of draping impression which can accentuate the waist if it hits the right place on the body...but be careful because depending on the outfit it can also sort of backfire and end up calling attention to the widest part of your midsection in a less than flattering way -- something I sure don't want to do. A more universally flattering way to button a somewhat boxy cardigan would be like this, which gives a waist cinching appearance...and as long as the cardigan fits well it won't look like you are popping out of it and can't button all your buttons :) And if you are really brave, you can belt it, like this or this. I'm not that brave -- yet.

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