Saturday, November 29, 2008


Monday is day one of the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge as suggested by the ever gorgeous Jane of the blog Work That Wardrobe. We are allowed 10 wardrobe pieces, 5 accessories, plus unlimited hosiery & undergarments...additionally we can use one coat that won't count towards the wardrobe pieces (more than that & you'd have to count it).

To that end, this is the coat I shall be donning all week. It's a gray satin trench from Target and I originally bought it because I thought it would go from casual to dressy & back again, plus it's a great medium weight so it can be worn pretty much the entire coat-wearing season, barring sub-zero temps or unusually balmy days. I removed the belt it came with and used instead a wide black belt that is one of my accessories for the week. I thought it gave the simple coat a little more interest.

Also in the picture is my black bag from Target -- this is the purse I'll be carrying for the week, tho it might not end up in the photos. I love this bag, it has lots of compartments to help me stay organized. I placed a pin on it that will be yet another one of my accessories for the week, along with the blue scarf I'm wearing around my neck.

And finally, the Unisa espresso colored boots, which are one of my 10 wardrobe pieces for the Challenge. My entire chosen list is as follows:


Sheath dress, beige/brown
Skirt, black & white print
Jeans, dark wash
Blouse, navy satin
Blouse, green pin tuck w/removable tie
Vest, plum argyle sweater
Cardigan, black, blue & plum striped
Camisole, black w/lace trim
Boots, dark espresso
Shoes, brown Maryjane's


Pin, faux pearl & silver
Belt, black wide buckle
Scarf, shades of blue
Necklace, green wooden beads
Purse, black shoulder bag

(Aside from my undergarments I also will wear plum & navy tights. )

So again, do check out Janes blog, WorkThatWardrobe to find out more about the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge -- there are going to be lots of other wonderful participants in this so it should be alot of fun! Stay tuned :)


Jane said...

That's great Kayleigh - I love the coat and can't wait to see your choices. Thanks for the award I will be posting about it over the weekend. Have a great one.

Kayleigh said...

You are so very welcome Jane, and thank you :) You have a great weekend too!

Trace said...

Wow Kayleigh you look great! So slim and streamlined! Awesome coat and of course I love the boots. Looking forward to seeing more of your challenge!

Anonymous said...

Hi Love

I am enjoying your blog. Now I always have beautiful pictures of you to look at while I am at work. Keep them coming.

Love DH

Kayleigh said...

Gee, thanks Trace -- I think this idea of minimal pieces creating a variety of outfits is both fun & practical, so I'm looking forward to it too :)

Kayleigh said...

Hello Anonymous, aka DH -- gee, aren't you sick of looking at the pix by the time they reach the blog, lol, I mean, you have to spend all the time taking them in the first place!

Thanks for coming by honey...see ya later :)

(and for those who thought I might either have a stalker or a secret admirer -- nope, just a sweet DH)

Anonymous said...

Love the trench in satin! I'm not organized enough to join you all in the challenge; Maybe I'll start late...

Kayleigh said...

Thank you Karen :) And I sooo hear you on not being organized, I am totally not either, lol. I just sort of threw myself into this in the hopes it would inspire me to organize even a little more...and you know, it actually has!

Do join us, whenever you can, even if just for the fun of it :)

Thanx again!

Nic Ridley said...

I LOVE the coat! You look so stylish!

Jean said...

Hi there, thought I'd leave a message this time instead of lurking. Good luck with the challenge this week - I'm hoping my list of clothes will do me for the week.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much, Nic!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks notSupermum (love your name, btw!)....and come out of lurkdom more often, it's nice to "see" you :D

From reading your selected clothes list I'm sure your outfits will be stellar!

*Diane* said...

Love this!!!!! so chic!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Lady D! This coat was SUCH a good buy, I'm thrilled with it and think it's going to be super versatile.

Sheila said...

You look so foxy in this, Kayleigh! Awesome coat! I love that you are working your own belt with it - so stylin'!

Kayleigh said...

Wow, foxy, huh -- gee, I may have to wear this coat everyday of my life from now on, lol! Thanks Sheila :D

The coat has hidden snaps, no buttons, so it's very plain...which is not a bad thing, but I just felt it needed "something", thus the belt swap. Now I'm thinking I may never wear the belt it came with and I'll be able to get different looks every time I wear the coat.

This challenge is really teaching me alot.

Hillary said...

Catching up on your blog... Love this look. Great coat and love the scarf.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Hillary! That scarf is getting alot of use for such a cheap little purchase, funny how that is :)