Friday, November 7, 2008

A Little Dressier

Well, while the outfit is infinitely better than the previous post's, the pose is a little stiff. I'm also NOT thrilled with how my facial features look, lol, but perhaps better lighting will do the trick.

I'm simply dressed to run a few errands and hit the mall. I love wearing a day dress, it's just as comfortable as jeans & a sweater plus it gives you a casual yet put together look with minimal effort -- just throw on a sweater and some boots and you're good to go. No brainer :)

Since I'm writing this after I've returned I can say that my shopping trip was highly successful -- I got some cute things at NY&Co as well as a number of items from Target. I'm hitting the stores pretty hard now since I want to avoid them once the official start to holiday shopping begins post Thanksgiving -- I just can't take the crowds when it comes to clothes shopping.

The blue dress is from Chadwicks and I have another one in a different color & print. The Merona cardigan and brown Karla boots are from Target -- I love, love, love the boots...they are uber comfy. The necklace is one I made from a vintage earring.


Kate (a.k.a. Mrs. Makeover) said...

You look great! I'm looking forward to seeing more from your closet and hearing about how you put things together.

ohthatgirl said...

Ditto to all things mrs. makeover said. ;O)