Friday, November 14, 2008

Tried & True

Heading out to the supermarket and then Target -- starting my quest for the perfect jean in earnest and figured I'd begin with Le Tarjay.

Also thought a change of venue was in order so we snapped this on the back deck today.

I love this pale, sage green top -- it's from Macy's and is a faux layered shirt & pullover. There are alot of great faux layered pieces in the shops now and I am thrilled. Sometimes layering without adding bulk can be a challenge and with these sort of garments you don't have to worry about that.

The jeans are my old Lees from Kohls, the bag is from Target as well as the black Merona Ashley Maryjane ballet flats. The necklace is from JCPenny and really makes the outfit, IMO. The bracelet is vintage -- belonged to my mom :)


Trace said...

I really love those faux layering pieces too! I like the layered look but sometimes the actual layering is just too much and uncomfortable for me. Great necklace and bracelet! Did you find any good jeans at Target?

Kayleigh said...

Hi trace, thanks!

Sadly no -- I mean, I was happy the dark wash size 12's fit great (might even have been able to go down to a 10!) but the cut was a bit off...they tapered in a bit too much at the knee before flaring out again at the bottom. I'm looking for something that falls a little more straight down from my hip.

So the hunt continues :)

Hillary said...

Hey there! Checking out the blog and first I have to say "Awesomeness!!!" It's such an inspiration on your weight loss. I haven't loss that much weight, but I have had my own struggles with keeping up with my clothes with a changing body. Here are few key things to remember... You have a new body and you may be hesitant to try things you thought you could never pull off. Go shopping, but take a friend who has a style you admire. They have "fresh eyes" and will pull things off the rack you may not dream of trying on. Sometimes we need fresh eyes to help us think outside of the box. For jeans, dark wash is very flattering. It'll help give a polished casual look. You can dress it up or dress it down, but you'll look leggier. Lastly, don't be scared of the belt. I was hesitant at first, buy it really does help define the waist. Try the skinny and the wide belts. Doesn't matter where you thnk your waist might be, stick that belt on the smallest part of your midsection and own your look. You'll be amazed how it can change your look.

Looking forward to seeing you experiment. Oh and you have such a pretty smile... we'd love to see more of your pearly whites :D

Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much hillary! You are soooo right about experimenting with the "new" body -- I've really had to sort of think outside my usual comfort zone and try things that I wouldn't normally...with varying results, of course, lol :)

I'm going to try belts again, too, I promise!

Btw, I loooove your hair - such a cute style.

Thanks again for coming by!!!