Tuesday, November 25, 2008

True Blue

Ok, I'll come clean -- this photo was actually taken yesterday. It is raining here today, as predicted, so I'm glad we had the spare pic. I was trying on two new pieces to see what the camera thought of them.

I like the sweater from NY&Co, but perhaps because of the peplum detail I'm not sure these pants with their slightly wider leg were the best choice to pair it with. Maybe my good old dark wash, bootcut Ralph Lauren jeans would have been better -- a little less width in the pant may have made ME look less wide, lol.

Mind you, it's not terrible, and I'd actually even consider wearing this outfit again -- I just wouldn't call it great.

I bought the black BandolinoBlu pants months ago but for some reason haven't worn them. Despite not being hugely thrilled with how they pair with this sweater, I really do like them -- I think they are flattering over all and quite comfy.

So, I do like these pieces individually and they get to stay :)

I'm also wearing a vintage twisted wooden bead necklace, mine since highschool. The black Merona Kenna boots are from Target.


Trace said...

Hey Kayleigh! Wow I really like the shape and color of that sweater - I might have to look for that next time I'm by NY&Co! Those boots are great too - a nice heel, but not so high that you can't walk in them.

P.S. Thanks for leaving me the comment about the Domestic Sophisticate award - so cool!! Congrats to newbie bloggers! =)

Kayleigh said...

You're very welcome, it IS pretty cool, huh? :D

I love those boots -- you pegged it right on, they have a heel but are not difficult to wear at all. I have all kinds of foot probs so I'm pretty picky about comfort. These are my go to boot for wearing with pants.

Sheila said...

I actually quite like the sweater; it's dipping in right under your bust, so it makes your waist look narrow. It would look good belted, as long as you keep the bottom sleek and fitted. It makes you look va-va-voom curvy!

Great colour on you too! Good job accessorizing - love the necklace and bracelet.

Kayleigh said...

Gee, thanks Sheila!

You know, I thought about belting it but (a) wasn't sure where to place the belt -- down lower above the peplum or just at my narrowest point (am thinking the latter) and (b) I didn't have a belt that looked right with it (will have to search for one now, tho, lol)

I've decided I like the sweater so much I'm going to buy a 2nd one in different color...either purple or green.

Thanks again :)

Sheila said...

Put it where you naturally dip in, as that's where it will want to sit when you wear the belt. If it's a wider belt, right at your natural waist or just slightly higher. If you belt right under the bust, you're going to throw off your proportions (belting under the bust works best on a slightly longer top or a dress).

Don't go any narrower than an inch wide, but no bigger than 2.5". A too-skinny belt with big boobs (lol, I know of what I speak) will make you look all-boob.

For cooler weather, layer a thin, long-sleeved top or turtleneck under this and then belt it for a beautiful layered look! A grey top (will also with purple or green) with a black belt would look super!

Kayleigh said...

Ok, wow, I need you to fly to NJ and come help me decide how to wear like a dozen things! You are a font of info -- thanks soooo much :D

Among other things, I never would have thought to layer a turtleneck under this, but once you said it I was like, "aha, yes".

And I totally get you on the boob thing -- being as I'm still breastfeeding my DS I've got a bit extra to boot, lol!

Thanks again!