Sunday, December 28, 2008

In the twilight

This picture was taken in the early evening and tho it's getting dark the colors are still pretty close to true.

I'm wearing the same plum cardigan from NY&Co that I recently wore with the green Chadwick's dress. Here I've paired it with a Croft&Barrow brown striped shirt from Kohls (that I also have in gray stripe -- yes I *am* the multiples queen!)

The pin holding the cardi closed is a REALLY beautiful one from Target that I'm totally in love with. The simple black beaded necklace is from a dollar store.

The denim skirt is from Old Navy and I'm planning to wear it to death I adore it so! (Thanks again OhThatGirl from What That Girl Wears for turning me on to it) This time I'm wearing the pencil skirt with brown Merona Karla boots from Target and -- no, not tights -- but black long johns, lol! Would you have been able to tell?

Have a great Monday everyone, see ya Tuesday :)


Hillary said...

Love this outfit. The pin is awesome and such a good price. Love the snowy pic!

La Belette Rouge said...

Really nice. I love a good denim skirt. I have a Banana Republic one that is a work horse of my wardrobe.

Jean said...

That's such a lovely pic, and really good outfit for you too!

Trace said...

Hi K! Love the plum - one of my favorite colors for fall. Wow that pin is beautiful. I really like the look of a pin closing a cardi, or a wrap top or dress. Awesome black long johns - could never tell! =)

Sheila said...

Wouldn't have known they were longjohns at all! This is a great outfit (I would totally wear this!).

*Diane* said...

you look fantastic! i couldn't tell they're longjohns. that's a great idea too. by the way i've given you an award on my blog

Sal said...

What a great combination of pieces! Love the way you've styled the cardi using the brooch as a fastener.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks everyone!

Hillary, thank you -- I know, isn't that a great price? I really love it too :)

Le Belette Rouge -- thanks, and that's exactly it, a denim skirt really is a workhorse, for sure!

Thanks notSupermum! And I'm so glad you are back in the blogosphere :)

Thank you Trace :) I had a cardi that wouldn't stay buttoned once and I tried using a pin -- that's all it took and I was hooked (hmmmm, wow, bad poetry AND a bad pun all in one fell swoop, lol!)

Sheila, I'm am TOTALLY flattered to hear you would wear this! Thank you :D

Lady D -- the long johns were also a holiday gift from DH, he knows I get cold (sweet if not romantic, lol)....I do love that he thought to get black so I could wear them like tights : And thank you so much for the blog award!!!! Aren't you sweet -- I so appreciate you thinking of me :)

Sal, thank you very much! You know, I'm now always on the hunt for brooches I can use w/'s actually even more comfortable to have them secured like that so it's a win/win situation, stylish AND comfy -- love it when that happens :)

Thanks again all!