Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gray Lady

This gray turtleneck from Target is a teeny bit on the long side, but that's what makes it perfect to pair with my INC black velvet skinny jeans, I think. Also from Target are my new slouchy, brown Mossimo Kiley boots -- one of my very favorite holiday gifts from DH & the kids :) They are uber comfy, too.

The shrug on the left is from the Gap, the cardigan on the right is Mossimo for Target.

On the left I'm wearing a brown beaded necklace found by my DH and a silver circle from The Avenue.

The necklace I'm wearing on the right was made by me -- I took the square goldtone filgree piece off of an old wooden trinket box and used a vintage chain to turn it into a pendant. I love to take broken bits of jewelry and turn them into new creations :)

Enjoy the day everyone!


V said...

Cute outfit! I love the look with the shrug!

*Diane* said...

Very cute outfit! i especially like the one w/ the shrug. I'm a bit jealous of your boots :-) Oh, and i like the necklace that you revamped!

Shallow Coffee said...

I love having a Target twin! It is just the greatest store for moms trying to avoid the frumps while on a budget? I saw those sweaters last night marked down. 30% off! Unfortunately I can't wear turtlenecks because I feel like I am choking. Otherwise I would have totally stocked up (I am also a fan of buying things in multiples).

Paul said...

I think you look v glamourous in a pared down way.
Thanks for your kind comments. X

Hillary said...

Great outfit. Love those boots! They look great with those skinny velvets

Trace said...

OMG I love those boots K!! Are those in-store right now? Whoa I will have to check them out. I love the slouch and buckles. Are they true-to-size?

You look awesome by the way. As always, such an uber-stylish SAHM!!

Sheila said...

Two great looks! I like the shrug a lot.

I am envious of your velvet skinnies - oh, how I love velvet...

Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much everyone!

V -- thanks :) I have 3 of these shrugs, this one, one in a lighter greyish/beige and a white one.

Lady D -- thank you! Don't know what size shoe you take but I think the boots are still available (and in black too!)

Kristen, "Target twin" -- LOL, you are too funny! It IS really nice to have a place to shop that doesn't kill the budget, for sure. Oh, and normally I can't wear T-necks either, but this one rolls down enough that it doesn't strangle me :)

Jane, thank you, what a lovely compliment -- and you are more than welcome Darling :D

Hillary -- thanks! I had my eye on them and dropped hints because I just knew they'd work w/the skinny jeans. I think maybe it balances out the silohuette because they are a bit bulky, you know?

Trace -- wow, thanks so much, aren't you sweet! Yes, they are still in the store (see my answer above to Lady D)....but not sure what sizes are available. Oh, and I'm a size 8 shoe but always take a size 8 1/2 boot, these fit perfect so are true to my usual size :)

Sheila, thank you :) I keep forgetting about the shrug(s) and meaning to wear them so I made a conscious effort. I love velvet too, there's just something about it that makes even a simple garment special, you know?

Thanks very much again all!!!!!