Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Lady In Red" -- or maybe "Reunited"?

Jane from the stylish blog WorkThatWardrobe issued another challenge for yesterday, to create an outfit inspired by a song. What ended up being my choice (posted yesterday) wasn't even supposed to originally be an entry.

Neither was this outfit, certainly.

That is until I heard that darned Chris de Burg tune "Lady In Red" playing on the radio and immediately thought of that red dress. You know, the one I had once thought looked good until I actually saw the photos here on my blog and realized it looked positively dreadful? The one I either planned to alter or get rid of (neither of which had happened --yet)

Ack! No! Forget about it, I told myself, try a different song.

It didn't help tho when, upon hearing of the challenge and my other ideas for an outfit, my own mother said, "oh, but why not wear that red dress and be 'The Lady In Red'? I never thought it looked that bad on you, you know."

Ah yes, spoken like a true mom.

But then my DH immediately said, "hey, what about that red dress? You looked hot in that"

Ok, you really can't argue with that (well, I could, but why would I?)

Still not fully convinced I could pull it off, I stood staring into my closet when my eyes fell upon a black dress I wore recently. When I tried it on with my wide brown belt from NY&CO I immediately loved how it looked. The width of the belt hit me just right. Yeah, it really was that great brown belt that clinched it for me with the black dress and....

Then suddenly it occurred to me -- hmmm, maybe somehow, some way that magical brown belt could do the same thing for that red dress?

Why yes, yes it could! Ok, it's not perfect, but gosh the dress looks SOOOO much better accessorized like this then it did when I wore it last, huh?

And so here I am, "The Lady In Red" you see before you on my snow-covered deck. I guess the belt saved the dress & it gets to stay -- which in the end is how the other song in my title comes into play: my red dress and I have been "reunited, and it feels so good".

Thank you, Jane, this was both fun and cathartic -- it healed the rift between a girl & her dress :)

Stay tuned for the third & final installment of my trilogy tomorrow!


Goober said...

I love the belt with that dress. It really is amazing how accessories can change the look of something.

Cathryn said...

The wide belt and brown boots really complement that red dress. I'm glad you were able to save the dress. Every woman should have a hot, little red dress (as evidence by your DH's comment).

Kayleigh said...

Goober, thanks -- and you are SOOO right about accessories...if there's one thing I've learned in this short time of blogging it's that. Between looking at pix of myself, other amazing bloggers, and Jane's challenge I feel like I've gotten a whole new appreciation for accessorizing.

Cat, thank you! I soooo agree, I think every woman should have a red dress (and my DH really was so cute about it, huh?)

Sheila said...

Oh, wow, what a huge difference from before! This is definitely the way to go with this dress. I love the blue cami underneath! Brilliant! A tailored jacket over this would look great - so would a leather bomber-style jacket.

La Belette Rouge said...

I didn't see it before but I have to say it looks fantastic on you. The belt makes your waist look tiny.The belt is really good.

I have a red dress that I dontt think I look do good in but when I wear it I get the distinct impression that men do not agree with my self-assessment.

And, I have to say, I love red and I love dresses by I am not a fan of that song. You definitely outdid the song that inspired you. Greta job!!:-)

Jane said...

Great dress but I bet you'd look even more fab with it shortened.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks all!

Sheila, thanks -- I know, it really is a big difference, lol...and I do have a faux leather bomber somewhere, I'm gonna have to try that :)

La Bellette Rouge -- aw, thanks so much (I'm actually not a fan of the song either, tho the lyrics are nice...sappy, but nice). You know, I think men just see red and it triggers something primal in them, like a bull in the ring, lol.

Jane -- yes, you are totally right, it needs to be shortened and the upper arms are a bit weird and need to tweaked....I'm planning to go to a tailor w/a pile of stuff incuding this dress once my weight stablizes (which it may have, we'll see)

Thanks again everybody!

Trace said...

That red dress! This is an awesome post. I always love that belt on you, I need to find one like it. That is so cute about your hubby!! =)

Shallow Coffee said...

You look beautiful in that dress! I love how you paired it with that brown belt. I never think to combine things like that.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Trace, Thanks Kristen!

Trace -- The dress will forever be known now as "That Red Dress" lol! Btw, that belt came from NY&Co and I think they may still sell it. It has become my magic belt, lol.

Kristen -- brown & red are a relatively new color combo for me...I 1st wore it with a red sweater & brown skirt and now the brown w/this red dress. There's something about the brown that calms the red down I think.

Thanks again you two :D