Sunday, December 14, 2008

When good clothes don't play nice

It's not a bad look, but I don't love it. I do love the printed top I'm wearing. I do love the skinny fringed scarf, too. But I think I now have photographic evidence that they don't really do all that well together, so they probably won't be worn simultaneously again. Unfortunately I didn't look at the picture until after I came home.

Such is life :)

The JM Collection top is a faux layered piece from Macy's, the teal blue scarf, from Target. The jeans are my Ralph Laurens and the black shoes are secondhand Franco Sarto Maryjane pumps.

The bracelet is a dime store piece but I love it because it looks like blue stones & copper. I also am wearing an antique turquoise & gold ring that belonged to my late maternal grandmother. I love to mix "good" jewelry with inexpensive stuff -- I think it lends an air of sophistication to the cheaper piece and dresses down the better piece so that they meet in the middle. Hey -- at least my jewelry is getting along nicely, lol!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about loving certain pieces but ultimately deciding they just don't work together.

However I have to say that the outfit doesn't look that bad. The blouse and pants go together well. Maybe it would work better with a different accessory - another scarf or a necklace?

Erica said...

Hmm, semi-agreed about the shirt with the scarf...but separately they are fabulous! And very good colors on you.

I also agree with your theory on jewelry...except I always just wear my cheaper chunky pieces! I always like them more than my real ones. Your ring, though, is beautiful.

Jane said...

Both are great pieces but the shades don't match up.
The beauty of taking pictures helps us see this. And I know because I have made some howlers!!

Hillary said...

Yep, I think we've all been here. Great pieces, but it takes the camera for us to really see what goes and doesn't. Love the bracelet though.

*Diane* said...

You're funny :-) And i agree w/ you, the shirt and the scarf, great on their own, but not together.Your jewelry is beautiful. And seriosly, that bracelet is fantastic

Jean said...

The top and the trousers go well together, but I agree about the scarf - although the colour is perfect for you.

Btw, I enlarged the photo to look at it properly - you have really pretty eyes :-)

Kayleigh said...

Thanks everyone!

Yup, it's a clear consensus, lol :)

Debbie, thanks for coming by -- yes, I think another accessory would hit the right note...I'm thinking a necklace.

Erica, thanks! And you know, I never wear just the "good stuff" alone...I always have a dollar store piece on. I'm with you, I just really end up liking the cheaper things better :)

Jane, you have a good eye -- the colors don't really match up but I thought it was passable (so not!)...and I agree, the camera is really honest, lol!

Hillary, thanks :) I wear that bracelet alot, especially in the summer. I like bold bracelets w/short sleeves, it just sort of finishes the look to my eye I guess.

Lady D -- thanks! Yup, that bracelet just seems to get a ton of use, best pennies I ever spent, lol.

notSupermum...Yay, I'm tickled to "see" you here! And thank you so much, aren't you sweet :D

Trace said...

I'm way late here K...but just wanted to say your jewelry is so cool here - the blue stones and copper! That ring especially, adorable. I love the idea of mixing different pieces - high and low end. Great tip.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Trace! Truth is I don't have THAT many good pieces so it is inevitable that the better stuff gets mixed with the cheaper things, lol! But it really does seem to work.

I read or heard once that you can easily do that w/clothes, too. For instance, it was suggested that if you wear expensive shoes and carry a good bag that even super cheap clothes look way more stylish. I could totally see that working too.