Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two of a Kind

Ok, first off --I have absolutely no idea why I have such a fierce & intense expression on my face, lol! But otherwise...

I am wearing more accessories than usual, probably in reaction to doing without the freedom to choose them all last week during the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge. On average I usually wear 1 or 2 pieces of jewelry, maximum. But today I have on (tho not all seen) vintage gold earrings from my MIL; a teal green & turquoise beaded necklace that was a recent find in the dollar bin at Target; a turquoise blue scarf, also from Target; a large blue & copper colored bracelet from a discount store; and finally --a vintage 14k gold knot ring that was my mothers.

Choice is a good thing :)

The sweater is the purple version of this blue one I have worn before, a peplum cable knit from NY&Co. When you find something you like I believe buying pairs can be a good way to simplify shopping, especially if they are more basic in nature and can be accented in different ways -- as I think these sweaters are. When I wore the blue sweater it was with a wider leg pant and I wasn't all that crazy about the outline. But today I have on slimmer jeans and like the shape much better.

The boots are my black Merona Kenna short boot from Target (gee, are you noticing a Target theme here or what?)....and the jeans are brand spanking new, from (yup, you guessed it) Target! I'm happy with the fit, the color, the shape & the price -- tho I wish the rise were a bit lower..not too low, but just a tad more. I do have some of their low rise jeans too, but over all these Merona mid-rise boot-cuts in a dark wash offer the best silohuette for me, IMO.

I also have to say, I planned my clothes for the week last night since that worked so well for me during the Challenge -- so perhaps a new habit has been formed. Thank you Jane :)


Jane said...

What a lovely sweater.
Forget the fierce expression - you look fab.
I am a big fan of teal too.

*Diane* said...

purple is a great color on you! and your eyes are so very fierce in this pic..

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Jane & Lady D!

In retrospect, this must be a little akin to what I look like when I'm pissed off, lol...eeek!

I love purple and I love teal...I only recently thought of combining them. I have to say if there's one thing this blog is showing me it's what color can do, and what we can do with it :)

Trace said...

Great look, loving these colors!!

I totally agree with buying something you love in more than one color. I do that ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I think I'm crazy, but most of the time I think it's a great investment!

Kayleigh said...

:D Thanks Trace! Yeah, I've gone overboard sometimes when I really like something, buying like every color it comes in sort of thing...that's why now I *try* to stick to just allowing myself to buy pairs (tho I don't always obey my own rules, lol)

Sheila said...

I love the shape of this sweater - it's so flattering. I request a closeup of your accessories! I'd like to see your vintage stuff especially.