Friday, December 12, 2008

Distressed jeans, yes or no?

Had a heck of a hard time getting a decent photo today...the light was wrong...then the rain, then a gust of wind blew hair over my face (which explains the wild look in the 1st pic)....but eventually we got these two to come out ok.

The jeans are new, from Target. They are a smaller size. Most of the jeans in my closet are too big now -- even the difference of a mere 2-4 lbs put me over the edge and down a size. So, the quest for replacing my denim wardrobe is even more crucial since I wear jeans ALOT.

These are not a definite keeper, so feel free to tell me what you think (of course, I always want that anyway). Normally I go for a unified dark wash, believing it is more figure flattering. But I am now officially smaller on bottom than on top, which often means that a lighter pant can create more balance. While I don't want to go for a totally light or faded denim, I thought I'd give the partial faded highlight look a try.

I honestly am not sure. I think the faded part looks ok but the whiskering isn't doing it for hits right at the wides part of the thigh. So, yes, no...maybe?

The rest of the outfit is a sort of no-brainer. The faux layered top is a John Paul Richards from Macy's -- can't really go wrong with black & white. The necklace is from Target, the bracelet from Lord & Taylor. The Maryjane pumps are 2nd hand Naturalizers.

PS: I know the pants are a wee bit too long, if I keep them they'll be hemmed :)


V said...

I like these. I'm more of a dark rinse all-over color, but these look cute! I think if these jeans are going to be part of the rotation, then yes. If they are going to be your main go to type of jeans...think it over.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks V!

And you raise a VERY good point. Yes, tese would be part of the rotation, not my only pair. And the rotation will definitely include unified dark washed jeans, both a pair for heels & one for flats (I really do wear jeans alot so will have 4-5 pairs in the end).

Autumn said...

I think these jeans look great on you! I would keep them!

*Diane* said...

I like these jeans too. As a matter of fact, as i say keep them long. Everyone needs a pair of long jeans to wear with heels

Trace said...

I like these jeans - great shape and the color is still dark enough for me. The fading adds interest! I would totally wear these with some sneakers and a graphic tee or soomething too. Have a great weekend K!

Kayleigh said...

Thanks all!

Autumn, I think I'm going to keep them -- tho since I had them on for about 1/2 hr they actually stretched out and I think I need to order the next size down (which I did, so we'll see if I'm right)

Lady D -- you are right...but I actually am wearing heels (hard to tell in the pic) in fact, they are just about the highest heels I own.

Trace, I think you pegged it -- the over all color of these is relatively dark, it's just faded in the highlight areas. I think that's why they might work. A totally faded jean just doesn't usually look good on me. You have a great weekend too :D

Sheila said...

I like them long too - and they always shrink in the dryer.

Not a huge fan of the lighter wash (especially whiskering which is Not Flattering On Anyone), but these look good on you. The only thing I can see is that your legs look a bit shorter (particularly in the 2nd pic). I think you'd have to be really careful to make sure the hem of your top is above your crotch.

La Belette Rouge said...

Those are Target jeans? They look great. I do like my jeans long as that gives me the freedom to wear them with heals if I choose. And, I too am a dark wash gal. I don't have any non-darks in my jean wardrobe. You make me want to branch out and try a lighter wash.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Sheila & La Belette Rouge!

I like my jeans long too, but the shoes I'm wearing are actually my highest (3+inch) and the hem keeps getting caught under the heel. But they may shrink in the dryer so I will wash them first before shortening -- good point.

My legs do look very short in the second pic -- DH was tilting the camera doing acrobatics to avoid getting a table in the shot. And as a matter of fact that's kinda why I posted two pictures -- one good leg photo and one good hair one, lol! (Hmmm, can ya have a bad leg day???)

Hillary said...

I did the jeans. I agree with V. Good to have in rotation.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Hillary! And I do love this idea of rotation...if you wear jeans as often as I do it's nice to have options :)