Friday, December 26, 2008

More fun with the box!

Since his sister made her blog debut, DS has wanted equal time (ok, he's only 2 so not really, but go w/me here, lol)....oh, and notice where the box is from!

Yes, he does need a haircut -- but I just can't bear to touch his soft baby locks quite yet...soon, but not yet.

See ya Monday w/an outfit pic...have a great post-holiday weekend everybody!!!!!!


La Belette Rouge said...

LOL! My cat used to do the same thing. The box was always more appreciated than the toys. Hope are having a happy post-Christmas!:-)

Shallow Coffee said...

Boxes are the best part about gifts! I understand about the hair - apparently my dad took my brother out to get his first haircut without telling my mom. She had a complete breakdown when they got back.

My brother is 36 now and she still gets teary when she talks about it. What is worse in her mind is that my dad didn't even save a lock of his hair!

I hope your Christmas was divine!

Trace said...

Oooh how adorable! Beautiful hair!! Who needs toys when you have a Target box?! =)

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday K!

*Diane* said...

He's absolutely adorable! Its always the cheapest gifts that young kids get attached to. I hope you had a wonderful christmas and i'm wishing you and your fam a very happy new year.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks everybody!

La Belette -- my cat used to love paper grocery bags. We'd leave it laying on its side and the cat would charge in and tip it right side up, then leap out, knock it over and start the process over again. She was delightful, crazy but delightful, lol!

Kristen -- I can soooo relate to your mom, I'd probably still tear up too. Thankfully DH has strict orders to follow, and follow them he does (at least when it comes to this, lol)

Thanks Trace! Yes, DS got my hair color, tho his is actually straighter than mine is naturally. DD got more my waves but my Mom's hair color. They both have my eyes. Oh, and they each have a dimple when the smile that belongs to Daddy :)

Thanks Lady D! Yes, we could have just given him empty bags & boxes...tho this year he did seem to get that the point was what's INSIDE, he still wanted the trimmings too, lol.

Thanks again all...we did have a lovely holiday and are looking forward to New Years -- it's actually our 15th wedding anniversary!

Hillary said...

Awwww, he is too cute! So funny how kids find fun in the simplest places. Thanks for sharing :-)

Jean said...

My girls have always played for days with boxes and have been heartbroken when the box has been thrown away. They've grown out of playing with boxes now, although they did have a big fight recently over an empty envelope :-)