Friday, December 5, 2008

Wardrobe Capsule Challenge -- outfit 5

This is day 5, the final day of the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge from Jane at WorkThatWardrobe. Click on each number to see what I wore on days (1) (2) (3) & (4). Or you could just scroll down.

So, this final outfit is probably also my favorite, tho yesterdays comes in a close second. Today I'm wearing the printed skirt from Target for the first time this week. This is a real "go-to" garment for's black & white pattern just seems to lend itself to so many different tops of just about any color. Plus it's VERY comfy.

The green pin tuck blouse from NY&Co I'm wearing today was worn on Day 2 with the black camisole underneath and the plum argyle sweater vest over it. That day I used the belt that came with the blouse tied around my neck sort of kerchief style. Today I'm using that same belt as a necklace by suspending the faux silver & pearl pin from Target on it. The rest of the belt is hanging down my back and actually kinda looks nice like that -- a sort of added bit of interest. And gosh, I've sure gotten a lot of use out of the little pin this week, having also worn it first as a pin on Day 1 & to close my cardigan on Day 3 and now again on Day 5 as a pendant.

The black belt from Target was previously worn on Day 4 as well as with my coat used for the week and is fast becomming one of my favorite things -- who knew I'd get so into belts considering I once thought I needed to be brave to do so, lol.

The boots are the Unisa ones I wore yesterday. They have a buckle detail on the side that echoes the belt nicely.

To see the entire list of what I chose to wear for the Challenge, including the 10 wardrobe pieces, 5 accessories, coat & bag, just click here.

I have to say, this was more fun than I could have imagined, and I learned a great deal. I want to thank Jane BIG TIME for creating this Wardrobe Capsule Challenge -- it was a brilliant idea and I hope we do it again some time. Her stylish example is awe inspiring.

What did I learn? Well, I've decided that entails a post of its own, so over the weekend I'm going to do a wrap up complete w/photos. But in the meantime, suffice is to say I learned that with a little thought and some decent organization I actually now have a very workable wardrobe AS IS -- whether I buy another thing or not. This really is all still new for me, so that knowledge is going to help me fine tune my future purchases thus keeping a balanced budget and closet space!
To my sister participants? You all ROCK!!! I was so jazzed, so inspired, so thrilled to see how each & every one of you pulled this together -- what I learned, I learned from all of YOU. Thank you for being the amazingly creative bunch of women that you are ((((((hugs to all))))))) !

See ya Monday with my wrap up :D


Jane said...

Congratulations Kayleigh. You have had an awesome week and I love the fact that you say you have worked your wardrobe and learned so much. I am impressed with the way you have used the pin and the scarf. Wow!

Kayleigh said...

:D Aww, thanks Jane -- I really have enjoyed this and learned alot, so thank you!!

Shallow Coffee said...

Fab outfit! The necklace is very cool. You are so creative! This has been a wardrobe learning week for me as well. I, too, have a great as-is wardrobe, I just didn't realize it until I took up the challenge.

I'm looking forward to your wrap up post!

Jean said...

Wow, we could be twins with our matching outfits today! I've really enjoyed reading your blog this week and seeing your different outfits, I'm sure I'll keep coming back too!

Unknown said...

i LOVE this outfit. so stylish, and it looks super comfortable as well, which is always a bonus!!

Trace said...

K - Amazing job with this challenge. This really inspires me to see what I can do with my own wardrobe - I really need to work with the pieces I have instead of thinking I need to buy new stuff all the time. I can't wait to read your wrap-up!

Hillary said...

Kayleigh you look great! Th belt is so working for you. I'm glad you finally got brave and owned your look. It shows. I love how this challenge really makes you rework your wardrobe into so many looks. Kudos to Jane for a great idea.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks Hillary! It was a fabulous idea she had, wasn't it? And I love that you said I "owned my look"...that's kinda what it felt like :)

Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much everyone -- these were really lovely to come home to :)

Kristen...Thank you! This was a real exercise in creativity and I think we all got pretty innovative out of necessity -- but that was the advantage. I bet we all learned alot :)

notSupermum...I know, we were outfit twins, lol! I'm sure I'll keep coming back to your blog too...I've added it to my list :)

kass...Thanks you so much :) It is a VERY comfy outfit, I must say...the belt is even comfortable -- who knew?

Trace...Awwww, thanks :D I sooo needed to really have it driven home to me that I don't really NEED anything new. Not that I won't keep shopping, lol, but at least I've learned I can be alot more selective since I don't really *have* to have stuff.

Thanks again all!!!!!

Sheila said...

Another great outfit - I love the skirt with the turquoise top. And good on you for creative use of the tie and the pin - such a great idea!

A super week in fashion from you, Kayleigh.