Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Whiter Shade of Pale"

Adorable Jane from the fashionable blog, WorkThatWardrobe, has issued another exciting challenge!!! This one is a simple little one: wear an outfit based on a song.

Or at least it seemed simple at first.

In the end I have three different outfits based on three different songs. I'll show the other two tomorrow & the next day, just for the fun of it. Call it my torch song trilogy, lol ;)

This, my official choice, is the third one in actuality and was not even supposed to be related to the challenge whatsoever. I was just innocently trying on my brand new denim pencil skirt from Old Navy and asked DH to photograph it. (Btw, I got this GREAT garment thanks to OhThatGirl of the fabulous blog "What That Girl Wears". And let me tell you, she wore it beautifully...and when I raved about liking it she generously told me the skirt was for sale at that very moment for only $20. Thanx OTG, I love it!)

So, anyway...

When the pictures were uploaded the first thought that popped into my head was that Procol Harum song, "Whiter Shade Of Pale" -- it was just too perfect a photographic accident not to use, call it Rock 'n' Roll kismet.

Perhaps ironically, I've often bemoaned my actual super pale skin -- if I even think about the sun I get sunburned. As a young girl growing up in the Malibu Barbie era before the advent of sunscreen I dreaded being the ghostly chick without a golden glow -- or worse yet, the crispy red befreckled lobster. But I've made my peace with it now and in my wiser adult years I even kind of like my milky white skin. Tho, not quite THIS milky white, lol!

The blouse is from NY&Co, stockings & belt from Target, shoes are secondhand Naturalizers. The silver chain is vintage -- my mother's from the 1960's -- perfect for the song's era coincidentally :)

Stay tuned for the next song tomorrow...for now I'm off to skip the light fandango and turn cartwheels 'cross the floor!!!


Jane said...

You look great - what a tiny waist.

Sheila said...

I love this outfit! You look fantastic. Actually, when I saw this I thought of Tom Petty/Stevie Nick's "Leather and Lace".

Looking forward to seeing your other song-inspired outfits!

Hillary said...

This is an awesome outfit. Love it on you.

Trace said...

What a fun post!! Looks like the perfect dark denim skirt. Really classic, polished outfit K! The top looks great with that wide belt. I agree, what tiny waist!!

ohthatgirl said...

Woot! I'm glad you got one and you like it. It looks great on you! Today's outfit is a definite hit. ;O)

*Diane* said...

Lol. you're too funny! And this outfit looks great on you! Especially your lace shirt :0)

Work It!!

Kayleigh said...

Wow, thanks everyone!

Ok, Jane, you made my day -- "tiny waist" hasn't been a way I'd describe myself for a very long time...so flattering, thank you!

Sheila -- Thank you & OMG, I loved that song...you are SO right, this could totally be an outfit for that, lol.

:D Thanks you Hillary!

Trace, thank you :) Another tiny waist comment sent me over the edge..I even called my DH in to read these, lol! The skirt really is a great piece that I know I'm going to wear alot....

Which brings me to OhThatGirl -- Thank you so much for inspiring me to get this skirt, I really love it and if it looks half as good on me as it did you I am THRILLED :D

Lady D...this was truly a fun post, thank you so much!

These were great to come home to....thanks again all!!!

Cathryn said...

I have those EXACT same tights from Target. Aren't they fantastic? Tragically, mine suffered a whole in the calf recently when they caught on a boot zipper. Now, I have to wear them with knee-high boots only.

Kayleigh said...

Hi Cat -- yes, they are FAB, aren't they? Mine have a hole too --in the thigh, can't be seen but I keep meaning to grab another pair because I'm sure these are a bit more delicate than your average tight.